Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Uluwatu-Travel In Indonesia – Day 10 (16.09.16)

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Uluwatu-Travel In Indonesia – Day 10 (16.09.16)

Today is 16th September . Malaysia Day, the day of joining together of Malaya, North Borneo, Singapore and Sarawak to form Malaysia. Happy Malaysia Day !

And also is last 2 day Travel in Indonesia, the journey is going to end, but we had enjoy well enough.  Today we still drive far to visit a large Rice terraces located in Jatiluwith. Is really wide rice Terraces, worth a visit.  definitely larger than Tegalalang rice terrace in Ubud that decide initially. But …..

Because we got Car!  so we go far far !

This morning we allowed ourselves to wake up late, we not rush to visit many places, so we relax and have breakfast at Homestay restaurant. Enjoy the black coffee…. feel the free time .

The view In front , across road is a small covienience stall. Saw the people open stall and business. Entrance Door hanged a caged bird. This is life here behind crowd main road.

After that we be prepare drive 2 hrs to destination. Depart about 9am.  Little traffic jam in town , after the town is smooth. Proper road, no obstacle .

Actually we got a wrong way near to the destination, lead by Waze. nearly go into jungle road. Lucky we reverse out to use another road. So be careful not to drive into narrow road, always choose the main road. Hehe. We got little Phobia after car stuck in jungle incident in Jogya.


Location : https://goo.gl/maps/pwyVKa4i6Mn

Wow!! …Is quite excited at the  first slight ,a wide and green field when arriving to the rice Terraces. Both side of the road covered by rice terrace, feel green and fresh.

entrance fee : 20,000 IDR per pax

Feel cool, sun are not very hot. From the info this rice Terrace located 700 meter above sea level and right at the foot of the Batukaru mountain. Here we can see the mountain and natural panorama view of the green rice terrace. But due to the cloudy weather, I can’t see the mountain.

The mountain that cover by cloud . But still a nice view right ?

This is  the road side. The paddy is everywhere.

We Follow people , Walked through the rice terrace, have some pictures. Green is good for eye. Mind healing. always is my favorite color.  Look , the route actually very narrow on the field, have to concede each other while walk through and also Say Hai !

Follow the route , here well prepared for tourist.

Healthy paddy. Closer to paddy field .the paddy is not too crowded together.

Well manage irrigation system. If not mistaken this site also appointed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites because of the effort of the organization who manage the site – SuBak

Source :http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/1194

Scarecrow fly in the sky….windy .好休闲. Feel want to shout!!!  yeah !!!!

The rice terrace is wide, we try to cross to another side, but we drop into mud then heading back . Lucky we wear slipper.


On top there some restaurant and coffee shop for tourist to enjoy green natural view with drinks. The small rain comes when we sit in a Warung beside the road. Cold wind – cloudy sky – emo feel

After the coffee almost  1 pm , we depart for lunch. Planned to have famous Babi Guling. But due to festival season, a lot of Restaurant not open. So lastly we gave up on Babi Guling and went to Wahaha pork rib. Also very nice, the pork rib very soft.

uluwatuAfter that travel south to Ulu Watu, reach about 4.3pm .

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/4B5fXLS6MVQ2

Ulu Watu Temple

The temple famous of magnificent location, the temple built on the end of the cliff that 70 meters above the sea level. below the straight cliff have beautiful ocean.the wave is smooth, seem suitable for surfing, but didn’t see anyone surf here.  there 2 end of the cliff.

Entrance ticket : 30,000 IDR

Here have a lot of visitors, visitor require to Wear Salong . so you can see us with salong. The salong matching with traditional art shirt.

Here also got a lot of monkey, the monkeys are brave to get close to visitor and grab visitor belonging. Especially sunglasses. Walk in group so the monkeys not too naughty. And not advice to visit too early or too late when there no people. All the monkeys will come to you. Arrrrr!!!!

Cute monkey sit on the pillar.

Prayers praying in the temple, there some event held .not sure not the special event held, but look holy. And outside a lot of tourists .

This is the view from the temple side. After visit here , we walk to another side , there more and more monkeys !!

Nice build stair case along the cliff .

Another end of the cliff. Opposite cliff is where the temple located.

See .. group of monkey army actually mess up the dustbin, finding food . The monkey very clever , they know how to open the cap of the mineral bottle and drink !

But monkey also Make nice scene. Is almost sunset time .

Sunset from the Indian Ocean.

Not a perfect sunset, but nice. The sunset symbolic of the end of the journey. No doubt have great experience here. Haha.

After the sunset ,leave with crowd. Bye bye to the monkeys . Dinner in town . Plan for the last day-not much to walk because  going to catch the flight back tomorrow .

To be continue….

Temple Visit. Lempuyang -Indonesia Travel Diary Day 9 – (15.09.16)

Temple Visit. Lempuyang -Indonesia Travel Diary Day 9 – (15.09.16)


Pura Lempuyang

One of the eldest temple in Bali. The temple located east side of Bali island, is far away from Denpasar town. Hence, we got our rent car in Bali. we chose to drive. we chose to skip our free breakfast from Homestay and departed early at 7 am. reach to destination about 920 am. Took  2.5 hrs.

pura-lempuyangBut we had ready some bread/snack as breakfast along the travel. we drive and eat, like rushing to work.

Why i come to this temple ?  it is because i saw a picture on Instagram. The picture showed the tall white temple Gate and the view behind the gate is a tall mountain view (if not mistake the mountain is Gunung Agung). is look very attractive. So i bookmarked and include it to my visit list. The temple also is one of the oldest temple in Bali. i like historical stuffs,especially religion related building. so it catch again my attention.

The entrance of the Pura Penataran Agung, Is the Gate high ?   Pura Penataran is the first temple in the compound , is most accessible. Biggest also. You don’t need to climb 1700 steps to reach here.

the front view of the temple, there 3 stair case to the temple, middle one is closed. each stair start with Naga . Naga always believed as the Guardian.

is quite highland even located in lowest of the compound. Climb up to to the temple is able to see this level is very high. View is super .

Historical structure. Faded white colour . Blue sky. Is amazing

this is the Map of the compound, it show by the guide at the entrance. i just took a photo as our Map. because we didn’t hire the tour guide. we have our own adventure.

after we had hike one round trip, i am quite respect the tour guide. the tour guide has to follow the tourist hike 1700 steps per tour. is very exhausting.

Beside we also need to rent the salong in order to enter. I wear myself . Sometime it drop. Haha

The trail after the 1st temple, we reach here by hired MotoBike . look very desolate. is quiet , less people. only saw some local prayers, when we hiking up.

the route , sometime got monkey

More like A jungle look . Natural . Hiker will like this place. We hike without hiking equipments. normal sport shoe will do.

Some uncover route can see the nice view . Is the sea behide the mountain ? Ya . Pura lempuyang located east Conner of the Bali island . Actually already close to the sea .

Temple with Garuda statue, Turtle statue. Who read Hindu god story will know the Garuda is Vanaha (carrier) of the Lord Vishnu .

Have a Rest at the stall. The uncle who take care temple try to tell Hindu god story , But we not really understand the language. But the point he said is some connection between Hindu and Buddhist mythology. .

This the peak look like . Met the prayers pray at the temple. saw their traditional costume, all white and serious. 

Didn’t see any giant door here ad this is the peak.  Noticed that here got very less visitor . Not crowd as other tourism hot spot. is exhausting . the we hiking down through another route.

saw little chickens. haha . Monkey alot. but dont try to scare them, they are aggressive.

Another beautiful temple. Lempuyang Madya Temple. Time 12 pm in afternoon . already spent 2.5hrs here.

We make our way down. Struggling that how far the trail left. Once we saw the MotoBike driver . We catch them without think twice.  Haha .

Finally reach back to the gate . The gate we 1st reached .this the gate I saw in the post.

Bebek Bengil Ubud

After the long hike, we had long drive to Ubud for Bebek Bengil dirty Duck . Yeah! The famous Dirty Duck !!

In front of the restaurant is really crowded with car. Traffic jam. No parking .But have special parking space for the customer behind the restaurant .

 The restaurant is terrible Huge. Like a garden, full with decoration. It decorated like a museum, a tourist hot spot.

Alot of different dining setting.

Imagine to dine in front of the padi field . Wow … cozy and comfortable . But the time rain suddenly come. Strong wind. We have to move to inside seat .

Dirty Duck actually is a deep fried duck . Feel very crispy and salty. Taste good !

Ubud is a nice town to visit, due to limited time , we only had a lunch. 

Tanah Lot

Next we rush to the Tanah lot. Even the weather is cloudy. Small temple on the rock island.

On the low tide , people crossing the sea , get blessed with holy water, and visit the Tanah Lot Temple .

Herequite crowded. A lot of market surrounding .

I like this sea side with green algae.

The night has come and rain followed. We get wet and drive back to Kuta. Traffic jam. Guess what ! The road was flooded .  Just at Legain street. Lucky our rent car is high enough. Didn’t think flood will happen.

The route very narrow and direction is messy. We turn and turn , finally get back to honestly. Wait till rain stop then go out for dinner.

Dinner with moon cake.i like to eat moon cake, so I carried the moon cake from klang Malaysia, travel from Yogyakarta to here. Bali! 

Fly and hike , it still in original shape. Haha. Is a moon cake festival night! So let’s Celebrate with my favorite mooncake and Local Bintang beer!

Haapy Moon cake festival !!

Legian, Kuta beach , Bali -Indonesia Travel Diary Day 8 (14.09.16)

Legian, Kuta beach , Bali -Indonesia Travel Diary Day 8 (14.09.16)

Here we are in Bali,  travel long journey from Yogyakarta . we stay in Maya village Bali, is a hotel with helpful staff. only have 1 dorm room. others are private rooms. got a small swimming pool too . Very small pool

in front is Karma & Gill Bar restaurant, run by same owner. Provide free breakfast for the hotel customer .

so we had breakfast at  Karma & Gill Bar restaurant.


Kuta beach

Today we haven’t rent a car, is good to have walking tour area nearby. the famous one are Kuta beach and Legian street. Our hostel quite near to Kuta beach, walking distance 1 km.so we just walk.

the small road we pass throughAnd Legian street, a lot of shopping stuff .

There also many bar and restaurant a long the way. we bought bottle beer from convenient stall from the street, enjoy relax walk with beer till to the beach.

once we entered the beach, a lot of beach boys come to approached for surfing. walk awhile got people come and ask. that time i dint know the surfing is the main activity at kuta beach. after saw a lot of people surfing, we get attempted to try. but not at this period of time. nearly afternoon. Sun is killing my skin.

Under the hot sun, we browse through the beach with umbrella, seem a bit weird but never mind, is hot !

Beach walk Mall

Weather is hot, need to hide inside shopping mall , wait till near evening only came back for surfing.

Beach walk mall , the mall in front to the kuta beach

. i like the design that include a lot of plants. very green like garden.

 Lunch at chow fat – had high score review in google .  I try fried rice . The food more on Chinese style .

Beach surfing

Beach surfing is a famous activity in Bali . Few place can surfing . But for the beginner, kuta beach is more suitable because of the shallow water. Is much safer to surf.

There a lot of beach boy that can teach us. Normally package provided is 1hrs learning class , the rest 2hrs or 3hrs we sulf ourselves. The price is depend on negotiation. We negotiated to get 300,000IDR for 2 people. And 50,000IDR for resting beach chair . I think Is very cheap deal offered due to the time also very late about 3pm , which was close to evening.

When the wave come , we need shout and dash !!! Yaaahhhh!!!

After 1hrs training, able  to to stand on the surf board a few second. Mostly dropped into water. But still statifiying.

Surfing actually energy consuming. Need to across the wave to deeper area to get the bigger wave. Need do push up in order to stand on the surf board. Is a good exercise. After 2 hrs surfed , we already feel very exhausted.

Have a rest on the beach chair with coconut drink. I just want to wait the sunset to come. …

The surf school , the beach shaked hand with us and said thank you. I can feel the warm hospitality from them.

Colourful surf board.

Evening sunset

A solo traveler walking on the beach with her camera. Capturing the moments. I always admired those solo travelers. They Have the courage to travel in foreign countries alone. They often don’t have a luxuries tour,they enjoy the peace  Their passion always is experiencing the life.  Their blog sharing much inspired me.

Dogy dogy playing on the beach . Beach dog

Musical performance on the beach. The song played was “hey Jude” . Very nice song let the  valcation mood up up up !

Sunset glow with a lot of cloud . We walk back to beach walk mall for dinner. The mall has beautiful lighting at night.

At the food court, have a lot of food from other country . Found Malaysia food – bangi kopitiam and Penang char kwe tiao are here  !  but of corse we try local food first . Haha. Nasi lawar . Super spicy . A head of sweat after the dinner .

The food court have cozy environment . We sit at the corner . Can see the sky . The moon is circle , because close to moon cake festival . Moon cake festival should have family gathering. But I always far from home.


10pm , we back hotel sit at chair beside swimming pool and wait for the rent car to come. The car owner late more than 30min . He come with his MotoBike, then asked us want big car or small car . Price the same. 500,000IdR for 2days. We followed him to the his workshop nearby to see the car. After the experience in Jogja , we chose big car- Toyota avanza. He pointed the scratches part. There quite many. He also changed the 4tyres after we pointed out the tyres surface very smooth. Wait another 30min we only got the car.

We park the car in front of hotel . But there really limited space, may block the way. I left the key at counter in case they need to move the car.

Tomorrow is driving time .lets experience the road in Bali !

To be continue …

Ijen Crater – Foot in Hell, Eye in Heaven – Indonesia Travel Diary Day 7 (13.09.16)

Ijen Crater – Foot in Hell, Eye in Heaven – Indonesia Travel Diary Day 7 (13.09.16)

Ijen is a special in Java.Highest point 2,799 meter. is cold . Incredible view with toxic environment. Is an adventure Tour for sure. You need to have good stamina and health to trek. You need to start the hike at midnight in order to witness the blue fire. Is not easy to get there by ourselves. there no public transport to get there midnight.

After exhausted several days, The best way for us is join a tour. We took the tour at Ceramah Indah hotel in bromo.  800,000IDR include transport, ticket, stay, gas mask and packed breakfast, transport to ketapang.


Depart from Midnight 1.00 AM

Super early Morning at 1am . Took 2 cups of coffee and we departed from Arabica homestay to ijen.

2.15am : Sulfur smell were on the nose when arrived to the camping ground of ijen. Felt like …full of chemical . Feel dangerous. in my mind asking …Is it safe ?

Our Guide Briefing and distributed the gas mask . the gas mask look not very good, little bit hard. feel pain on nose when wearing it. i didn’t wear at the beginning. use it when reach to the crater where the sulfur smell is stronger.

We started the trek in the dark with Steep road at begining.  feel is tiring …. huh…the sky still dark only saw a lot of touch light‘s light that Lining up in front show the path flow of the route.  “still need to hike so far!!! ” because the light line up so far.

ftom the map, can know there still have 3km trekking distance . haha

Because of darkness, we also not able to see the environment clearly, need extra to be careful.  The trek a lot just beside the cliff .

Beside that, there standby lot of trolley taxi that can be hire, they will pull you up to ijen crater. Something like taxi service but is at Trolley type, pull by man. This is the first time saw this kind of service.


Blue Fire

After 1 and half hour trekking, we reach to the entrance of the crater. To witness the blue fire, we need to hike down to the crater. It Wasn’t easy to hike. But we are regular hiker, so still can handle it. our guide and tour member all separated, don’t where are they. we depend on ourselves now.

The route condition is really rocky and dangerous, trail also not very clear, we just follow people step. But is fun hiking.

Is really a waste cannot took picture because still dark. The view was very tuning with messy rocky trail. There Is really not enough time for whole tour. We not have time to see the view down here with day light. Feel that was regret.

One step one step we were hiking down, the sulfur smell is very strong. Suddenly the gas blow to our side. We were surrounded by smoke. Felt cant breath and eye was irritating, tear was dropping.  quite suffering at the moment , people rounding coughed very badly.  Some people started climbing up. There no way to escape. I was thinking: “die lo if continue like this.”

we wait the smoke gone away, we stopped and calm down our breath,the moment , I really got felt  Want to give up , but lastly I still decided to continue. There Just a little bit to reach. I am hoping the smoke don’t come second round.

It took 30 min to arrive to the blue fire point. Little blue fire , I not dare to go too near, worried the smoke fly over. blue fire flame is very hot, the temperature can be up to 600 degrees Celsius. But the place we stand 5-6meter away is still cold. Took some pictures. The time was around 4 am

Witness the blue fire. The blue fire are created by the burning sulfur. it burn naturally. We can see the fire only at night. Under the day light, we only able to see the gases released. The gas released is sulfur dioxide which is toxic.

The blue fire getting more in slight. is beautiful and stunning.

Incredible Sunrise

After that we want to the lake area, I taught the acidic lake located at the sunrise view point, so we made that is our next target and hiking up. When we reached to the top , the environment is start to bright.

Can see the real face of ijen crater. The green acidic lake actually located near blue fire point down there.

Close to the sunrise time, We heading to the sunrise view point. Saw Amazing view from the far. I  Speed up and run thought the trail. Run !!!!  till the end of the edge.

The beautiful view , worth it !!! Orangery pink sky before the sun coming up. got sea and mountain. The most beautiful sunrise I ever seen. Is stunning than the sunrise I saw at Old Bagan. Is really satisfying my eye.

Is great & awesome!!

5.30am The golden sunlight shoot from behind of the mountain, the shadow of the people. Everything become alive . Everything is beautiful and peace.

Is lucky enough to saw the sunrise, nice sunrise sometime need some luck, not every time can be met .

I wish I have more time to stay here.


Stunning View of Mountain and cloud sea

after saw view here no wonder people call here heaven on the eye but foot on the hell. View are beautiful, but the environment are toxic !

My armor, head lamp tie on my hand became iron man light.

People sit at the edge of crater . Do you dare ? Down there is the acid lake

Full of sulfur gas

Ijen Crater Lake

Again we come back to point of hiking down to crater. But we have not enough time to hike down to crater to see the turquoise-blue acidic lake and yellow sulfur on the ground.

We saw from the far, a lot of gases released. The green lake not clearly seen due to thick gases.

Ijen crater is a very wide carter . is about 20 meter wide, is  the world largest acidic lake. The acidic lake cause by the sulfur gases emitted surrounding and reacted with the lake water. The sulfuric acid form and make the lake water became turquoise-blue .the pH rate measure are 0.5 due to the high concentrate acid. Is very strong and corrosive acid. No not touch the water.

The miners are really risking their life for mining, working under unsafe condition. They need to carry the heavy sulfur (60-80kg ) in basket trekking from the crater to village to get paid. Image the route we went through, is very tough job. One day miner can earn about 5.50-8.00 dollar source from Wikipedia. The miner have average life about 47years , is expected that have shorter life in extreme toxic environment. So we also cannot stay long here.

They also turned the sulfur into art peace, they able form sulfur into different shape for souvenir. The doing it by cooling the liquid sulfur into the water.


6.00am is time to hike down, one of the same tour member need to rush to airport to catch the flight , so we can’t be late.

With the day light , actually the view is amazing. The sea cloud with mountain. Is very beautiful.

Descending speed is much faster than hike up. ear felt buzzing .

Going down also not easy , we tried walk in reverse way when is tired. just play around.

Journey to the East – Bali


7.00am finally reach to the bottom . met at car,all member are inside the car ready to go.  .We had our pack breakfast. And heading to Ketapang to take ferry. the van Stopped at bus stop to wait for another bus. Is sleepy.

Hoped on a bus, the bus look very local. Full of passengers. Nearly no place to sit. Also A lot of rubbish. an angry bird uncle sit next to me near to window ,he occupied 2 seats, not precedence to other people to sit. cause a tourist sit half butt on the seat . Angry bird uncle keep smoking in the bus. really unhealthy !

Bus drove in to ferry. said will take 40 min on the ferry . so passenger went down for rest.

Is very windy and comfortable sitting here. Across the sea is Bali island . is a nice experience . After the ferry, there long journey to go , been slept on the bus. 2.30pm only reach to Mengwi station.

at this station, we all been ask to go down by a uncle with white long Hair . look very style . he shout: here is the last station , all go down , all go down.

we a group of tourist also followed what he said, get down from the bus. ya that time the uncle offer his taxi service , 200,000IDR per pax to the City. that is very expensive . then some people argue that the tiket supposed cover untill Ubung Station , which the bus station in Denpasa. we had an long argument. one of tourists also try to call urber.get a price only 175,000IDR  per taxi to legain /Kuta

the mafia taxi start worried and said : this not good , this not good ! ok ok ! he reduced his price to 200,000IDR 3 people. then finally we took the taxi. one person paid roughly 70,000IDR.

the route to from Menwi to Kuta took more an hour to reach , with traffic jam . with the money. i think still very worth it.

Function on the road .

we reached to hostel about 4.30pm.is a dorm type. i settled down and have late dinner at legian street.  may be should be call late lunch , because we dint take lunch.


finally we in Bali .

Bali is very different from Java, here is total tourists area. all tourist waking around. is very happening .

no doubt , is a tired journey , didn’t have proper sleep for more 24 hours. that night, i fall down to bed very early , left my friend shopping outside alone.


to be continue …




Travel From Mount Bromo to Ijen- Indonesia Travel Diary Day 6 (12.09.16)

Travel From Mount Bromo to Ijen- Indonesia Travel Diary Day 6 (12.09.16)

Again today will across to another city. 193 km with 5 Hrs travel. from Bromo to Village near Ijen call Sempol. the area also relatively outskirt compare to Bromo. hence there a bit difficult and troublesome to catch the public transport. so we took a ijen tour package that include the transportation. the tour cost 800,000 IDR per person offered by Ceramah Indah Hotel .Package include the transportation from Bromo to Ijen, until Ketapang Banyuwangi . Include ijen Tour and mountain guide, include gas mask. include the stay in Arabica Homestay.

The route as below :

Bromo- Probolingo –Besuki Restaurent – City Bondowosa- Arabica Homestay- Post Paltuding – Ketapang Banyuwangi- ferry to Bangi

Early woke up for the sunrise in front of hotel, we had a sit at the rest pavilion and wait for sunrise. Is very cold. Actually I want to see the 1st golden light hit Mount Bromo instead of sun rising.

After enjoyed Bromo view for a day yesterday but I still would like to see one more time . From different view point.

World is so big, there are so many places want to visit. here … this place Maybe is  once a life time. So , try appreciate the every moments even is sleepy.

The sky still dark at that time, captured the moment when there start little bright. same time at yesterday, we at the Penanjakan with the crowd.


The nice thing is here not as crowd as Penanjakan View Point, instead just a few people hanging around. Saw Aunty  selling hot coffee and cup mee beside the rest pavilion. we also get attempted to have a cup of hot coffee and Mee.  Is simple but felt nice in cold morning. And relax….
Stay near the burning coals and get some heat.

Morning sun

When 1st light came . light covered by the cloud, half shadow. A layer of mist on top of the mountain. Look like the mount tall till reach the sky . After the mist disappeared , blue sky behind , white gases emitted to the blue sky. The contrast make a picture.

Saw the tiny Jeeps are moving on the car route . Everything other than mountain are look small and tiny.

Interesting .

Keep pictures with Bromo and Batok .

9.00 am bye Bromo- we need packing and ready to GO ! . moving  to Ceramah Indah to wait for the Van.

Ceramah indah also got the same view . just in different angle .

Visitor sitting here under the hot sun relax . Wonder they can stand the hot of sun . Is quite hot after the sun was rised .

we are going down ….

A lot of terrace mountain . my eye keep staring outside the window.


we had drop off at at tourist center to wait another mini van. roughly wait about 1 hrs .Get bored.   i not like waiting and see-ing nothing here.


Finally Another mini van come. it took 2 hrs to reach the Besuki restaurant. so we had sleep in the van… very sleepy .

Lunch at besuki Restaurant that arranged by Tour. the waiter is nice but the food i ate not tasty.  i really felt i need some Vege. haha

Pokémon is here . the word now crazy about Pokemon GO.

Indomart is like the 7 elevent and 99 speed mart in Malaysia . can found everywhere. can get cheap local dry food here. 

We going into mountain area, steep and narrow road . 

The driver suddenly stop the van. He get off his seat and came down open all the window . Then off the air con and continue drive. The dint said a word, we all very curious what is going on .

But he actually want to off aircond , Mayb the car will more power to climb the steep road. 

The weather also cold , because we already at highland .  

People rest and enjoy

We stop at a rest station , here got a cafe malabar. But already closed . Closed to sunset . The mountain view here was very nice . Indonesia got a lot of mountain and volcano . 

Our van ,can occupy 16people . A long van . 

Reached to homestay at 7pm , have a dinner. No choice for dinner . Saw all people took set that cafe had . And tried the arabica coffee. Is free, I had few cups . At night no need to sleep . 

Also walk around out side hotel , here is a village , no shop and place for entertainment . Special things we noticed are they have small garden in front of each house. Is very beautiful. Most is vegetable plant. 

Nearby also got a coffee factory, the arabica coffee which is famous here. 

We stay here for 5hours . Later 1am morning have to depart to Ijen . So we just have rest in hotel for couple of hours and ready to move again . 

Tommorrow is excited Ijen tour . 

End of the days ~~

Mount Bromo-Roaming through Sea of Sand, Indonesia Travel Diary Day 5 (11.09.16)

Mount Bromo-Roaming through Sea of Sand, Indonesia Travel Diary Day 5 (11.09.16)

My Original plan was trekking to the Pananjakan view point. 3 hrs through 5km Trail. According information it took 3 Hrs to view point , so 3 am need to start hiking in order to catch up the sunrise at 6 am. Is energy consuming. After the long travel yesterday, then we decided to take the Jeep tour.  Save some energy for afternoon hike, and also want to experience Jeep ride.


Our decision is right. Because at that afternoon, we had walk all way to Bromo Mount and hike to crater, is tiring. If we hike in the morning, we will exhausted and not able to hike any more.

Bromo is very special spot point; need to enjoy the unique view. My recommendation is to stay at least a full day at ceromo Lewang,  in order to have enough time to explore.

Schedule of the day are :

  • 4.00am -Early morning took Jeep to Pananjakan View point for Sunrise.
  • 8.00am – foot of the Bromo- (didn not hike up because too crowded)
  • 10.00am – Back to hotel breakfast
  • 11.00am – free & Easy
  • 1.00pm – lunch at hotel
  • 3.00pm – Hike Bromo Mount
  • 6.00pm – back hotel free & easy

The schedule try to avoid Bromo hiking peak hours in the morning

Transport & Tour Package from Hotel :

  • Sunrise Jeep tour Pakage : 450,000 IDR per Jeep
  • Jeep tour to Foot of Bromo : 250,000 IDR per Jeep

(Jeep can share by 5 people)



3.00am, the alarm ring !!! woke-up and ready for a excited  tour. Felt the cold when step outside of the room. Had my jacket and glove won, but still felt freezing…especially hand.   The sky were dark and a lot of stars. Feel the excitement to start the journey even felt a bit tired..

We departed late 4.00am after all gathered. We got red colour JEEP.

The entrance road just at left side of the hotel.  We have long rides , took 30min to reach to destination. The road look bad from the dark. Like riding roller coaster. Can see a lot of jeep surrounding, going same direction.  More jeeps insight when getting near to view point.  Then jam …the jeep stop at the road side when it cant go up anymore , because full in front  .

Drop off , we follow the flow going up, saw left side got a lot of coffee shop . we sit at a stall that less crowded and enjoy the coffee.  Nothing feel good then to have a cup of hot drink on hand when you cold. Feel Warm…..cold weather  make Hot grilled corn from street stall taste nicer !

Mount Bromo Sunrise

5.30am – after had our stomach filled, we heading to view point. We reached the stair case, there a lot of people standing and queue and waiting to going up.

Not surprise that will be crowded because Pananjakan view point is the top rated spot not only tourist but also for locals. So is really Bustling with noise and excitement even the sky still dark.

We trying to approaching to the front, find a good spot. But we can’t even move. Is so crowded. Some people camping here with tent, some people slept on the floor with sleeping bed.  And other people need cross through without step on them. I think is dangerous. Slowly  slowly… we approaching to front but cant reach. cant saw clearly the view in front but see a lot of head , then I use selfie stick. I elongated my selfie stick and lift high to snap picture, so we can see the view.

6.00am , Fiery red and orange slowly appeared on the horizon. Everyone was excited and shout. Of course a lot camera snapping pictures.

A lot of people and camera

6.15am – sky getting bright, sunrise is coming. The time I noticed Mount Bromo at right side. I decided squeezed to the right like a soldier.  Because I more interested in the Mount Bromo view than the sunrise.

Same, crowded in front. I saw people climbed over the fencing, so I did followed . Hmm … Dangerous move.

There are less people after beyond the fencing.can took nicer picture without the crowd.

Wow ! Ya ! Bromo view is amazing.  Like surface of the moon. Actually Bromo is the lower volcano that emitting the gas. The higher volcano is called Mount Batuk.

The volcanos area surrounded by the higher mountain and highland. it like the wall enclosed area surrounding a. so if the volcano eruption, there got area to contain the lava.  The geography look very special.

The gas keep emitted from the Bromo crater.  Gas floating into sky .

The left side of the mountain is Cemoro Lewang, the place we stay. Is so far and small. Can image how far if by trekking .

See where we were, this is outside the fencing. Is cold , very cold .. because I using my right hand to took picture by phone, so the hand didn’t wear glove . My finger feel freezing.but feel amazing .  Cold weather area always is my favorite. btw, my right hand glove also lost.

The gate of Pananjakan

After the sunrise , people start rushing down …


Colorful Jeeps

Branch of  jeeps and motorbike are start moving. Whole road going down were Jammed.

The jeeps were queue ing . and stop.. Driver also went down and wait.  So we also get down  and took some picture. we did this kind of sily things .

The colorful of the JeepS, is an interesting view .

Finally the Jeep Queue start moving, going down .tinnitus , feel buzzing in the ears. Although in interesting view, but I still fishing on the seat.

  I noticed actually we had pass through the sandsea area this morning , just very dark that we dint noticed it.

Dust are flying everywhere, cause a lot of jeeps moving around. A lot that you cant imagine .

Foot of mount Bromo – Sea of Sand

Then we had been dropped at the foot of mountain. Here to let people hike up the bromo to see the crater.

But we didn’t plan going up now, so we just walk around. The sun is strong ,and no shelter. have to Full equipped to prevent the sunlight and dust. Ninja look !

We also took out the umbrella. We are look weird . No body carry umbrella here.

A Hindu temple Stand alone in middle of the sea of sand . Seem so lonely but is look special .

We go inside to slight seeing . have people praying here.

A lot people coming. Any special ceremony?


Afternoon Rest

10.00am – back to breakfast, walk around looking for Ijen tour for next day. had asked permai indah, lava café  and ceramah indah . Lastly we choose package offered by ceramah indah.

After settle the package , is sleepy  then we go back hotel and rest . hot day in mid afternoon, not suitable to hike .


Exploring, Trekking, Roaming to mount Bromo

3.00pm , the sky look cloudy , worry it will rain . we plan walk to the Mount Bromo, follow the car route. There is few km long. But the view is interesting . so is not bored walking.

Going down, lot motorbikes want to offer ride. We had rejected many times. Sometime feel always saw the same face.

Saw Mount Bromo from far, the target is there.

Stand on the sand, 4 sides surrounded by highland, feel like on different planet.  Here had a name “ sandsea”. It formed around 8000 years ago, with massive eruption. So the special geography formed.

When vehicle pass by …

Less vehicles, feel quiet and peace. it this good without crowd


We didn’t have horse ride too. Because I dono how to rides. But I think is fun if can rides horse and run freely through this wide area.

Bromo Crater

Reach to the foot. Start hiking up , got relief on the right-side. Many faces relief.  A little bit creepy .

Walking at the edge of mountain is look fun.


White  Horse


Above there got a gate ,all the horses will stop here.

After the gate , few step walk to the stair case

The 240steps staircase from bottom.

Finally at the end of stair case, we had reached to the crater. Time recorded 4.15pm.

the volcanic crater just in front. It fenced so people not get too closed. Is great to witness the crater. Heard the earth sound . Is Stunning!

The gas released nonstop from volcanic crater. iIt look so active. From history record, most recent eruption occurred in 2004 and 2 tourist killed.  Record also show eruption of Bromo happen every few years.
When I wrote this diary, also noticed there was eruption warning on 29 Sept 16, which the end month after my trip.

New of the volcano: https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/bromo/news.html

 there not much people up here.

The edge of the crater, not enough time to explore . The small shower rain had come at this moment.

The view on top of the Mount bromo . Look very high . No plant at all .

Time to going down . The kids are running down. We are waliking down.

Time to have nice photo .

Shoe full of black sand .

6.00pm back to hotel .faster get shower Before cold at night .settle the dinner at the hotel, and rest early . Because wad exhausted after the tour. Is an interesting Tour

The next day still want wake up to see the sunrise in front of hotel.

To be continue ….

Travel from Yogyakarta to Bromo Mount- Travel Diary Day 4 (10.09.16)

Travel from Yogyakarta to Bromo Mount- Travel Diary Day 4 (10.09.16)

Today topic is mainly travelling. Travel From one point to another point by varies public transport. i like travel in far distance, across city to city. for me, the purpose is not only want to reach the destination,  i more enjoy the moment of traveling, enjoy the view, observe  people around. sometime listen to people.

We departed 6.45am from Train station Yogyakarta Tugu, and arrived to Cemoro Lewang at 7.00pm. Almost 12 Hrs travel, crossed 470 km by Train, Taxi , Bus and MiniBus.


Summary cost  for reference

  • Yogyakarta Tugu to Surabaya Gubeng Train Ticket fee- 163,500 IDR (BISNIS CLASS)
  • Surabaya Gubeng to Terminal Purabaya– Taxi fee 120,000 IDR (if shared by 2 will be 60,000 IDR each)
  • Terminal Purabaya to Terminal Bayuangga – Bus 30,000 IDR
  • Terminal Bayuangga to Cemoro Lewang , Mini Bus (35,000 IDR per pax with total 15pax ). in our case 65,000 IDR because only passenger .


Train to Surabaya

5 am woke up and check out. Carry the our backpack walk toward to the train station. 5 min walking distance, our home stay is near to the train station.

The train system is good, provide self Check counter. We just enter the booking number then can print the boarding pass.

Passport & boarding pass checked before go into departure hall. Just like airport.

Modern train , not like I took in Thailand, open window with fan. But Indonesia train much more better. Con is the window is closed, air conditioning. No classic feel. Overall is comfortable. the air-cond is split unit, first time saw this.

when we seat, found people behind place the leg in between the seat. is really funny . i think not really hygienic.

And the seats are not full. some people just took the whole seat, lay down and sleep.

Food & drink sell on the train. but we have prepare our own food.

saw Gunung Lawu from far, with green paddy field, is beautiful. also some with corn field. can see a lot wide piece of crops. but just did’t saw any oil palm plantation.

of course , we do slept in the train.


Surabaya Gubeng to Terminal Purabaya

11.50am arrived to Surabaya Gubeng. A alot people waiting at the arrival hall. was crowded. A lot Taxi Driver and Tour agent asked where you want to go? i try to avoid the travel agent so i did not mention my final destination. i only told i want go to Terminal Purabaya. need to be firm on your decision.

finally we took a taxi, discount 150,000 IDR to 120,000 IDR. took us to lunch first , then only to terminal Purabaya.

There a lot of taxi here, we get to know that he was park at the station whole morning without customer.imagine there are strong competition . we got advantage to negotiate the taxi fee. but i think 120,000 IDR is fair enough because the traffic is really bad, had jam almost 1HRs to reach the terminal. further more the driver do also on the meter. the meter figure almost reached 120,000 IDR.

During the drive , the taxi driver keep approached us to visit some places in Surabaya. i firmly said. NO, we had no time.

We had the lunch at Rawon Setan , is a famous dish in Surabaya. Served with black soup with beef with steam rice. and spicy tauge . the black colour soup come from seasoning named Kluwak. The soup is tasty, the tauge super spicy.  the kluwak taste make me recall a Nonya dish call Ayam Buah Keluak. they both use keluak as seasoning.

a lot of take away order.

we took 1 Hrs to reached to the Terminal Purabaya due to the traffic jam.


Terminal Purabaya to Terminal Bayuangga (Probolinggo)

2.00pm reached terminal Purabaya, next destination is Terminal Bayuangga, Bayuangga is the bus terminal located in Probolinggo. From Terminal Purabaya, we need to find the bus to probolinggo. Find the departure line with Probolinggo signage and wait for the bus, the bus depart every 15 minutes .

lucky, when we reached there, the bus just want to depart, so able to catch the bus without waiting. save us some time.

the bus full of passengers. there is no place to put our backpack.

 so we put our bag on leg. In between Tiket staff will ask if whether is go to Bromo or not. Just answer NO. because i read a lot of post saying that they will ask you drop off at travel agent if knew you want to go to Bromo. Maybe they can earn some commission there.

bought snack to eat. just feel hungry. hungry.


Terminal Bayuangga to Cemoro Lewang

4.00pm , we arrived to Terminal Bayuangga . Much more smaller and less crowded bus station.

During arriving, A person aggressively come over and said mini bus to Bromo. i asked the price. he said 35,000 IDR per person. ok is the same price i heard, we follow him to here, and wait. In front is a travel agent counter. i very doubt and ask when the bus come. he said too late, bus just depart. need wat for next bus. just wait here.

after awhile, i saw 2 tourists come look for information. then i asked them whether they going to Bromo or not. They said yes, and they had gathered 6 people there. Wa ! that Great . then we left and follow them to the minibus.

yes, the green minibus that mention by post. can take 15 people with 35,000 IDR . i think we lucky enough to catch this bus, because already 4.00 pm something, is very hard to gather passenger at this time. lastly we paid 65,000IDR each with 8 people. and depart around 6.00 pm.

took 1 Hrs, we reached to Cemoro Lewang. A lot of nice mountain view along the way. The weather getting cold and the sky is dark. not able to took picture due to low light.

the mini bus stopped , and the driver gone. i know we reached Cemoro lewang, but the driver does not infom anything and disappeared. whole of passenger were waiting. outside was very cold. we took out the jacket and wear. after 10 minutes, we all was curious what is happening. we thought the bus will send us hotel.

Then we check the hotel location, is very near. so we make decision and walked to the hotel.

before go to the hotel , we asked to pay the entrance fee. 220,000 IDR . weekend and holiday need extra 100,000IDR . since the day we enter is saturday, so we paid 220,000 IDR per pax.

We also book a Jeep tour from hotel for the Sunrise at Pananjakan. 450,000 IDR a Jeep and share 5 people. We managed to find another 2 people to join us, so is 112,500 IDR per person.  After settled down at hotel Permai. we come out for dinner. not much choice here.

We had satay street food and simple restaurant. the food was normal. but took long time for the food served. the girl that take the order always make mistake. till the customer make joke on her. is funny. the took like a young teenager. seem like family restaurant and the children are helping in the restaurant.

we also went to famous hotel call Lava cafe, always full house. so no chance to try the food. the waiter in there not very friendly too.

the night with shinning star on the sky, but we need to sleep early because next day we need get up at 3.00am and start gather for tour at 4.00am, morning.

Good night

~ To be continue