Gunung Datuk, search for the foot step of the Warrior Hang Tuah- (19.11.16)

Gunung Datuk, search for the foot step of the Warrior Hang Tuah- (19.11.16)

After one week of stress and busy work, weekend finally had came, Time for little adventure. This week we go to Gunung Datuk. Been here 3 weeks ago. That week had an event held, not allow to hike. So here we come again.

Gunung Datuk is 885m high.The attraction are giant Rock and 180 degree panorama view on the peak. and also a legendary story of Hang Tuah.

Gunung Datuk located 1.5 hrs drive distance from klang. not too far to reach. Important is never been before. no matter how, need a first visit.

recently there some News on accident cases happened during hiking. we need took this as awareness and remind ourselves to be more careful, be prepared before go hiking.

Hiking can be dangerous when climbing the steep area, especially beside the cliff. once wrong step, you are done.

before the hike , we also need to prepare our body for hiking.Some dynamic stretching exercise help to warming up and  ready for hiking, climbing. it reduce the fatigue and body pain during hike.

Some tips of Dynamic Stretching from experience hiker :


Hike record


  • Total hike time: 4.5 Hrs
  • Hike up: 2.5Hrs
  • Hike down : 2 Hrs
  • Total distance :  6km

the track shown elevation all the way up, dont have any ” W” . The Elevation alos shown that the suddenly down of the slope. this is because the app was lost tracking when hike down. the trend down should same as up.

Our recorded schedule:

  • 7.45 am – reach to the Car Park
  • 8.00 am – start Hike
  • 10.30 am – Peak
  • 11.30 am – Hike down
  • 12.30 pm – Back to Car park


Thing to prepare

no need to bring a lot of stuff, be light as possible

  • Isotonic drink 1.5L, mineral water 1.0L
  • can drink
  • Food & snack
  • Hiking Pole
  • Insect repellent
  • Rain Coat / umbrella


The Trail Location

Gunung Datuk located in Hutan Lipur Negeri Sembilan . 125 km from klang (1.5Hrs travel distance) .

Waze Search ” Gunung Datuk Entrance” then will lead you until enter the small road to entrance . The small road on the left side with signage.

Drive carefully , the road is narrow . A lot one car to go through. Till the end is a car park. You able to park the car here if come early.

When we reached here, actually already full with car. But luckily got a nice uncle showed us the parking space, parked in front of the food stall and beside the 2 dustbins. not sure block others or not.

Have a little refreshment to a cat come near to us.

The Facilities & Fee

  • Entrance fee:rm 5
  • parking fee : –
  • Toilet
  • Small food stall


Hiking UP

The entrance with signage .is located the car park and just around the Small Round About with KERIS.

Didn’t saw the counter , wonder where is the registration counter is. Actually the counter located inside. We need hike in a bit to reach to the counter . The counter still closed when we there at 8 am. So we just went in first then register after we come down.

The entrance of the trail start with 2 giant rock. Like a gate. Haha

A lot of rock at beginning trail . With a lot of red arrow marking. A very good job for party who take care this trail Koperasi Gunung Datuk Rembau Berhad .

Yellow Signage show the distance to the peak. It start from 2000 meter . But on my tracking app. It recorded about 6 km long. there also rope that assist hkers to go up.

All the way up , more steep at earlier trail. Later trail is more easier. don give up !! let Go!! we need to witness the foot step of warrior.

A lot of hiker , and a lot of hiker coming down. Seem many hiker hike up for sunrise early morning.

Check point . After check point more easier . We didn’t stay here long . Is crowded .

The girls celebrating the mileage. 1100 meter left. ON the trail we had met an young grandpa. Mr Lee Chong Meng. He is oldest Malaysian Everest Mount HIker in this year May 2016. He asked us to guess his age. His look about 40-50 years old. but he said already closed to 70. can call him grandpa. he still very health with strong stamina, this result of the regular Hiking. We followed him a while, but very fast he already very ahead and disappeared in slight. Very Good stamina.

some of his news in below link. He didn’t make it to the peak of Everest due to BAd weather. he said will challenge again next year 2017.

Look like the ” Xi you Ji NO. 2″

wow.. left only 370 meter. the yellow signage seem a lot graffiti. purpose to your beautiful name? but you just ruined the property.

Fallen tree. a hazard . what happen if the tree suddenly fall ? hmm… it may happen in thunder storm weather.


Gunung Datuk Peak

A wide area before the peak . can have camping , picnic at this area.

spotted  Grandpa Lee again, who wearing green colour shirt sit on the rock. then we climb the ladder to the peak.

Notice a power socket ? Wondering on the power plug . Haha . Is for charging ? kidding. is a fate one. After tat we going to climb up ladder again. this one seem more challenging. the ladder is shaking.

The view from the top of ladder . heavy traffic here. Q up Q down .


This the rock always seen on the website. the formation of the rock is just beautiful. beautiful scene and together with song. Song ? ya . got a group of people camping under the rock. they play guitar and sing. the atmosphere is good with the song. very happening. thanks !

The ladder to the top. and the tiny man at the bottom . look high right ?

On the peak , sometime mist , sometime clear. is  changing fast. i search for the foot step. noticed a group hiker station here. so i just wait and wait there. till got people went there to have photo with the foot step.

6 hikers, Only 3 make it to the peak this time.

The foot step impression of The warrior Hang Tuah which the legendary said Hang Tuah jump over the mountain to mountain and leave the foot print here.

 Foot print and my safety shoes. 

we stay on the peak about 1 hrs. until the sun is hot , then we start moving down.

Hike down

Flying down with full speed, sweat like rain.

Just noticed there got a sting tree on top of head , aware !! don’t get Head bang to it .

The giant tree .big enough compare to  Giant tree at Ta Prohm temple in Angkor wat compound ? Tree that survive together with temple.

Face become red.

Reach to the registration counter and pay. Meet the member at Car park, had cold drink. get change and go for food !


The narrow road . is narrow for you ?
Senawang Coconut shake . Matahari coconut shake. the weather is just good.

Thinking in mind … Gunung Baling. when can i go ?

end …

Lost in Bukit Batu Putih

Lost in Bukit Batu Putih

Easy Hill , only 26 Meter above the sea level, the lowest hill ever hike. The view is nice, the rock on the peak most in white color, may be this is where the name come from. From the top able to see the sunset, and beach view from high. This hill is getting famous due to the nice view and easy accessible.

This is the second time I came to Bukit Batu Putih, but this time only  realized that we not reach to Bukit Batu Putih Peak actually. We routed another secret location without knowing previously.

This time same, I followed the previous path. Hiked to  beach area (pulau intan). i noticed when I saw the map in my tracking app. The Bukit Batu Putih land marking was opposite our hiking direction. Then we asked people around only get the correct direction.

I do recalled that when I registered at the counter, the uncle at the counter got ask me where to go. I Said “ Bukit  Batu Putih “ , He said . Sampai Rumah Api (Light Tower), ikut kanan” then I forgot when I saw the light tower. I was too excited may be.

Hike Record

  • Total Hike time : 3.5Hrs (include Rest& Get Lost)
  • Hike Up : 30 minutes
  • Hike Down : 20 minutes
  • Total Distance: 5 km
  • Distance from entrance to Peak : 1.3km


Things to Prepare

  • Entrance fee: RM 1.00
  • A light backpack to bring item below
  • Head lamp / torchlight
  • Food and snack (Important)
  • Isotonic Drink 1.5L, Mineral water 500ml
  • Hiking Pole for beginner
  • Umbrella, rain coat
  • Insect repellent


The Trail Location

It located in Negeri Sembilan, near the port Dickson. As usual I use Waze to reached here. Search “ Hutan Rekreasi Tanjung Tuan” . 77km Travel duration 1.5HRs from Klang. Waze route us until the entrance as picture below.

Hiking up

The purpose of this hike is to see the sunset on the peak of Bukit Batu Putih. But at the beginning, we hike to the wrong side which is reached to Pulau Intan. But there also is a place that worth to visit. Is too easy if only hike Batu Putih alone.

We had unexpected a big group of 15 people gathered at entrance at evening 4.00pm. then we start with the concrete road, hike about 0.8km. then reach to the light Tower (Rumah Api).

Behide the Light Tower, actually can see the sea view with horizon. Can enjoy the sunset here also.

The we took the route at the left side, Going down and down to the beach.

A lot of staircases. All staircases. Until reach to beach

Nice beach view, a lot of stone on the beach , I think is not suitable to swim, and no body swim here.

Here I already noticed we in the wrong route, need to find way to Bukit Batu PUtih. went further right scouting .

wooo….. found some green plant on the beach, see clearly that is seagrass.

Then we asked for direction when somebody passby. found that we need to head back to the Light Tower. The Bukit Batu Putih entrance is near there.

Hiking back, Steep stair case. … some people was fainting, some people labored breathing like a cow. . we rested a while and had some Rambutan.

Back to Light Tower. Sweat a lot

Finally !!! the real Trail

Saw the signage of BUKIT BATU PUTIH . Very small. The entrance located at the right side just before the Light Tower

Not noticed when pass by. Then we Hike for real trail . started 5.20pm. 300meter only !

Look more like jungle trekking then climb stair case .

Is windy

5.35pm Saw the giant rock, just 15min we reached to destination.

My sister and brother

Rock Climbing . Quite a lot off hikers up here.

Time to take some picture and enjoy the snack. Wait the sunset to come

Photo booming session .
Cute cartoon insect repellent patch, mine is bear. Bear fly away after photo . last photo of the bear. funny .

Climb here and there. Can going down, but be careful .

6.50pm- The cloud blocked the sunset, we decided to hike down . Sky getting dark. Torch light is a must if want stay until sunset. Is not safe to stay dark in the jungle.

10 min to hike back, the view of the light Tower.

Said good bye and back . Meet again at the next hike .


Korean Teppan BBQ-Choi’s Don & Dak

My brother favorite food. He is a food seeker. Always got nice food to recommend.This restaurant located in Kuchai Lama :

serve chichen and pork Dak galbi. the dish cooked on the spot on hot sizzling plate on table. Eat the Dak galbi with salad leaf and sauce provided . is Tasty .

ate until full

another specialty is the graffiti on wall. they let customer draw and write anything on the wall. A lot of word and cartoon.My sister also made some mark .

The art work – the angel with blue wing. and siblings & 2 Friends

Also some nice art here. Do you remember ??? once upon a time we all had a promise.

~ end



Ijen Crater – Foot in Hell, Eye in Heaven – Indonesia Travel Diary Day 7 (13.09.16)

Ijen Crater – Foot in Hell, Eye in Heaven – Indonesia Travel Diary Day 7 (13.09.16)

Ijen is a special in Java.Highest point 2,799 meter. is cold . Incredible view with toxic environment. Is an adventure Tour for sure. You need to have good stamina and health to trek. You need to start the hike at midnight in order to witness the blue fire. Is not easy to get there by ourselves. there no public transport to get there midnight.

After exhausted several days, The best way for us is join a tour. We took the tour at Ceramah Indah hotel in bromo.  800,000IDR include transport, ticket, stay, gas mask and packed breakfast, transport to ketapang.


Depart from Midnight 1.00 AM

Super early Morning at 1am . Took 2 cups of coffee and we departed from Arabica homestay to ijen.

2.15am : Sulfur smell were on the nose when arrived to the camping ground of ijen. Felt like …full of chemical . Feel dangerous. in my mind asking …Is it safe ?

Our Guide Briefing and distributed the gas mask . the gas mask look not very good, little bit hard. feel pain on nose when wearing it. i didn’t wear at the beginning. use it when reach to the crater where the sulfur smell is stronger.

We started the trek in the dark with Steep road at begining.  feel is tiring …. huh…the sky still dark only saw a lot of touch light‘s light that Lining up in front show the path flow of the route.  “still need to hike so far!!! ” because the light line up so far.

ftom the map, can know there still have 3km trekking distance . haha

Because of darkness, we also not able to see the environment clearly, need extra to be careful.  The trek a lot just beside the cliff .

Beside that, there standby lot of trolley taxi that can be hire, they will pull you up to ijen crater. Something like taxi service but is at Trolley type, pull by man. This is the first time saw this kind of service.


Blue Fire

After 1 and half hour trekking, we reach to the entrance of the crater. To witness the blue fire, we need to hike down to the crater. It Wasn’t easy to hike. But we are regular hiker, so still can handle it. our guide and tour member all separated, don’t where are they. we depend on ourselves now.

The route condition is really rocky and dangerous, trail also not very clear, we just follow people step. But is fun hiking.

Is really a waste cannot took picture because still dark. The view was very tuning with messy rocky trail. There Is really not enough time for whole tour. We not have time to see the view down here with day light. Feel that was regret.

One step one step we were hiking down, the sulfur smell is very strong. Suddenly the gas blow to our side. We were surrounded by smoke. Felt cant breath and eye was irritating, tear was dropping.  quite suffering at the moment , people rounding coughed very badly.  Some people started climbing up. There no way to escape. I was thinking: “die lo if continue like this.”

we wait the smoke gone away, we stopped and calm down our breath,the moment , I really got felt  Want to give up , but lastly I still decided to continue. There Just a little bit to reach. I am hoping the smoke don’t come second round.

It took 30 min to arrive to the blue fire point. Little blue fire , I not dare to go too near, worried the smoke fly over. blue fire flame is very hot, the temperature can be up to 600 degrees Celsius. But the place we stand 5-6meter away is still cold. Took some pictures. The time was around 4 am

Witness the blue fire. The blue fire are created by the burning sulfur. it burn naturally. We can see the fire only at night. Under the day light, we only able to see the gases released. The gas released is sulfur dioxide which is toxic.

The blue fire getting more in slight. is beautiful and stunning.

Incredible Sunrise

After that we want to the lake area, I taught the acidic lake located at the sunrise view point, so we made that is our next target and hiking up. When we reached to the top , the environment is start to bright.

Can see the real face of ijen crater. The green acidic lake actually located near blue fire point down there.

Close to the sunrise time, We heading to the sunrise view point. Saw Amazing view from the far. I  Speed up and run thought the trail. Run !!!!  till the end of the edge.

The beautiful view , worth it !!! Orangery pink sky before the sun coming up. got sea and mountain. The most beautiful sunrise I ever seen. Is stunning than the sunrise I saw at Old Bagan. Is really satisfying my eye.

Is great & awesome!!

5.30am The golden sunlight shoot from behind of the mountain, the shadow of the people. Everything become alive . Everything is beautiful and peace.

Is lucky enough to saw the sunrise, nice sunrise sometime need some luck, not every time can be met .

I wish I have more time to stay here.


Stunning View of Mountain and cloud sea

after saw view here no wonder people call here heaven on the eye but foot on the hell. View are beautiful, but the environment are toxic !

My armor, head lamp tie on my hand became iron man light.

People sit at the edge of crater . Do you dare ? Down there is the acid lake

Full of sulfur gas

Ijen Crater Lake

Again we come back to point of hiking down to crater. But we have not enough time to hike down to crater to see the turquoise-blue acidic lake and yellow sulfur on the ground.

We saw from the far, a lot of gases released. The green lake not clearly seen due to thick gases.

Ijen crater is a very wide carter . is about 20 meter wide, is  the world largest acidic lake. The acidic lake cause by the sulfur gases emitted surrounding and reacted with the lake water. The sulfuric acid form and make the lake water became turquoise-blue .the pH rate measure are 0.5 due to the high concentrate acid. Is very strong and corrosive acid. No not touch the water.

The miners are really risking their life for mining, working under unsafe condition. They need to carry the heavy sulfur (60-80kg ) in basket trekking from the crater to village to get paid. Image the route we went through, is very tough job. One day miner can earn about 5.50-8.00 dollar source from Wikipedia. The miner have average life about 47years , is expected that have shorter life in extreme toxic environment. So we also cannot stay long here.

They also turned the sulfur into art peace, they able form sulfur into different shape for souvenir. The doing it by cooling the liquid sulfur into the water.


6.00am is time to hike down, one of the same tour member need to rush to airport to catch the flight , so we can’t be late.

With the day light , actually the view is amazing. The sea cloud with mountain. Is very beautiful.

Descending speed is much faster than hike up. ear felt buzzing .

Going down also not easy , we tried walk in reverse way when is tired. just play around.

Journey to the East – Bali


7.00am finally reach to the bottom . met at car,all member are inside the car ready to go.  .We had our pack breakfast. And heading to Ketapang to take ferry. the van Stopped at bus stop to wait for another bus. Is sleepy.

Hoped on a bus, the bus look very local. Full of passengers. Nearly no place to sit. Also A lot of rubbish. an angry bird uncle sit next to me near to window ,he occupied 2 seats, not precedence to other people to sit. cause a tourist sit half butt on the seat . Angry bird uncle keep smoking in the bus. really unhealthy !

Bus drove in to ferry. said will take 40 min on the ferry . so passenger went down for rest.

Is very windy and comfortable sitting here. Across the sea is Bali island . is a nice experience . After the ferry, there long journey to go , been slept on the bus. 2.30pm only reach to Mengwi station.

at this station, we all been ask to go down by a uncle with white long Hair . look very style . he shout: here is the last station , all go down , all go down.

we a group of tourist also followed what he said, get down from the bus. ya that time the uncle offer his taxi service , 200,000IDR per pax to the City. that is very expensive . then some people argue that the tiket supposed cover untill Ubung Station , which the bus station in Denpasa. we had an long argument. one of tourists also try to call urber.get a price only 175,000IDR  per taxi to legain /Kuta

the mafia taxi start worried and said : this not good , this not good ! ok ok ! he reduced his price to 200,000IDR 3 people. then finally we took the taxi. one person paid roughly 70,000IDR.

the route to from Menwi to Kuta took more an hour to reach , with traffic jam . with the money. i think still very worth it.

Function on the road .

we reached to hostel about a dorm type. i settled down and have late dinner at legian street.  may be should be call late lunch , because we dint take lunch.


finally we in Bali .

Bali is very different from Java, here is total tourists area. all tourist waking around. is very happening .

no doubt , is a tired journey , didn’t have proper sleep for more 24 hours. that night, i fall down to bed very early , left my friend shopping outside alone.


to be continue …




Bukit Kutu Trail 2016- Bamboo forest & Giant Rock

Bukit Kutu Trail 2016- Bamboo forest & Giant Rock

On the day before Merdeka holiday, we suddenly decided to have a hike to Bukit Kutu, and then we are here!

The hill is 1053 meters tall, located kuala kubu Bharu, Selangor. I didn’t know much about Bukit Kutu before I come. Just come and explore.Here some history about Bukit Kutu (

As a regular hiker, i didn’t find much tough compare to Pine tree hill. And it quite surprised me with the beautiful view along the trail.

Hike Record

  • Total Hike time : 7.37Hrs (include Rest)
  • Hike Up : 4 Hrs
  • Hike Down : 2 Hrs
  • Distance: 12.9 km Average Pace  : 13.6/km

New Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

You can see there not much roller coaster along the hike. All the way up, like ladder.


Things to Prepare

  • A Hiking bag to carry stuff below
  • Food and snack
  • Isotonic Drink 1.5L, Mineral water 1.5L
  • Coffee
  • Extra sock in case your shoe is wet
  • Hiking Pole
  • Umbrella , rain coat
  • Insect repellent

The Trail Location

3.waze photoBukit Kutu located at the end of Jalan Pertak, after Kuala Kubu town. It is very convenience if you use WAZE , just search “ Gunung Kutu Parking “ , the WAZE will lead you there.  It took me 1 Hrs 30 Min from Klang.

Followed the Waze Location, I reached to the Kampung , At the end of the road you can see a Futsal Field  on the left side , just go straight , will pass through a Local guard house.

RM 1 per pax entrance fee collected. After that, continue drive further in will reach to the car park. We reached there about 8.00 am, already have a lot of car there. If you arrive late, the car park inside may fully occupied. You may need to park your car at the Futsal Field outside and walk in. park

Hiking Up

The trail started when you reach to the hanging bridge.  There are 2 bridges, one was broken.

6.bridge 1

There is local people sell durian beside the bridge, may be you can take a durian breakfast here. haha.

Processed with MOLDIV

Walk along the bridge, noticed there is a lot people camping on the side of the river. i think should be a famous camping site. After the bridge, saw a stack of Durian, and the  local villages transferring the durian by motorbike.  With muddy road condition, the biker must really skillful

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV
Yeah ! The condition of the second bridge!! , it was broken and the bike still can drive Through!! But it still safe to walk through, but be careful !

After 10 min, we reach a junction, we don’t know which way to go, after we asked people around. we go RIGHT.  After 5 Min, there got another junction. Go Right too.

13. junction2

Then you will need to cross the river, NO bridge this time. You can step on the rock to cross or you take off your shoes and go through the river. Be careful when you step on the rock. Is very slippery.

Processed with MOLDIV

After the river, there villages Resting Hut on left side, Go Right to continue the Trail, very muddy road and surrounded by the bamboo forest.

There is some nice bamboo scene.


Processed with MOLDIV

Jackfruit tree. A lot of small jack fruit.

Processed with MOLDIV

After 45min , Here a tree that full of root. The root looks so unique on the floor.

Processed with MOLDIV

The last water point

23.last water point

A ruined place, the bamboo and tree topple over like after war. But we still able to crossed it . overall hike the trail slope is high, like climbing the ladder.

24.ruin place

After, 2 Hrs hike, we reached to Batu Tedung , a huge rock . very stunning huge rock. This is the signature landmark for Bukit Kutu.

25. tedung

26. tedung

Processed with MOLDIV

Another scenic view, here have a lot of thin and tall tree, behind there is Mountain View. The time we can see the cloud drift through the mountain. The cloud come close become mist . very cool !


27. senic

Some interesting stuffs captured

Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV

A Vine climb on plant like a snake


Finally after 4 hours with sweated like rainfall, we had reached to the peak. You can see a chimney like building behind it .

Processed with MOLDIV


43. peak

There a lot of hikers gather on the peak. The highest rock only accessible through ladder.The highest rock only can occupy 3-4 people. So we line up and take turn to climb up for photo. Suddenly the rain come and the mist very heavy.  We can’t see the clear view after we are on the highest location.




Further Hike

After that we heading to the old ruin building that 10 min hike from further trial behind . the trail quite narrow. We get to follow a group of hikers along the way .


Ruin build, very historical feel. We had simple lunch with bread and coffee before we climb down.

Processed with MOLDIV


Hike Down

When we going down, the rain was off and on. have to put on raincoat. There a lot of mist too .


Processed with MOLDIV

It take us 2 Hrs to reach to car park.


Ya. My safety shoe condition after hike. Overall i felt good in the trail, Hiking help me relax and take some fresh air from natural . Hope you enjoy the Hike too.



Mossy Forest – Gunung Irau – Cameron Highland (27.08.16)

Mossy Forest – Gunung Irau – Cameron Highland (27.08.16)

It is very awesome to hike in chilled environment. Cool, fresh air and magnificent view.  .  Mossy Forest + Gunung Irau is one of it. The trail is full with greenish moss, green ….. and people always commented the trail like scenery of “ The Lord of The Ring”. Mysterious feel. Imagine that you are in the scene of lord of the Ring. Feel little adventure?

Mossy forest located on Cameron highland, the forest connected to Gunung Irau which is the highest mountain of Cameron highland with sea level high 2110 meter.  So our purpose also is to conquer the Gunung Irau.

The starting trail actually is from entrance of Mossy Forest at 2000 meter sea-level high. Summit is 2110 meter which 110 meter difference. But don’t underestimate this 110 meter. Is a very challenging 110 meter. The trail in “W” shape, which is need to hike up and down, not always an ascending trail. Furthermore the environment is very humid and wet. The mud is everywhere. Need be prepare for the mud, as specially prepare to dirty your new favorite shoe if any.

From the News , Mossy forest was closed by Pahang Forestry Department  for half year since end of 2015 till middle of 2016. Because of too many visitor cause the place full of rubbish and moss are getting dead.  Need some time to recover and clean up people shit.

Since last year 2015, the year we start hike, we are planning to explore Mossy forest, it closed as mentioned.  After one year- today 2016, we only able visit here after the Forest re-open for visitor . This time we need apply permit through mail to Forestry department 2 weeks before hike. It became more control.


Before to Mossy forest

  • Apply permit through mail
  • Need to report police at Balai Polis Brinchang
  • Be ready for the mud



  • 0700- Depart from apartment
  • 0730- Report Police
  • 0800- Reach Mossy forest entrance and start Hiking
  • 1130- Mini Irau
  • 1300 – Irau Summit
  • 1500- back to car park.

Hike up : 5hrs 

Hike down : 2hrs 


Way to Mossy Forest :


If you coming from Brinchang Town, after the butterfly farm on the right. Please take note on the narrow entrance on the left from the main road. The entrance got clear signature to BOh Tea Sungai Palas. The entrance also opposite to the Nova Highlands Resort.  The entrance is an ascending road. Drive carefully and slowly. The road is narrow and allow only one car pass through. Every time reach to the corner turning, need to give horn signal to aware the car from opposite. Every time drive into this road, feel the heart bit is faster. Because is quite dangerous. But, the view is magnificent with the tea plant, we like drive round the plantation area. Feel very fresh with green natural view.

About 2 km , will reach to the junction to Gunung  Irau , also on the left with signage. After the signage, need drive another 4 km to the Mossy Forrest entrance.

The roads still narrow, but still able to go through by My MyVI.  And also some broken drain to be careful.

Until reach to the Mossy Forest entrance just visible on the right.

Here we are at the entrance, park the car in front. The parking area able to park about 10-15 Cars.



Hike Up

We Start hike at 8.00 AM . Lets GO !

there have proper boardwalk at the beginning of the trial . this segment is more tourist to visit mossy forest. Little foggy 

After the bridge walk there start full of mud, and green moss.

A lot of mud . 

Becareful , have team member already stepped his shoe into mud . 
We Need some adventure, so got tree , we Climb!  Got pond, we jump!


We were very excited and took A lot of photo .  I had visit to Cameron highland N time , but never knew this place until I get involved in hiking activities. once love to hike, you will search list mountain to conquer.

 There got 4 people or 5people in above picture ? 

Feel like in the mysterious world. 

Mini Irau, took 3.5hrs.   we had our lunch here .


Go for summit!

Beautiful plant 

Some interesting stuffs 

  Hike little father in front . One area before the peak , most beautiful segment . 

The view is really nice . 

Last, we come to the peak .  a lot of people , without no shield, is little hot. Saw Malaysia flag. 


Picture of conquered Gunung Irau 2110 meter . 

Shoes and hands full of mud

After a rest on peak . We are going down ,the day seem foggy, look like want to rain.


With full speed , I use1.5hrs  to rush down to the car park. Saw a lot of cars . I am too early , then Rest and wait for other in Car.

Overall the trail is not very tough . Medium level . Special environment. Quite satisfying . 

The Night We Camped on Broga hill (1.7.16)

The Night We Camped on Broga hill (1.7.16)

A usual dinner with colleagues, we had excited talk on the camping suddenly. With a fast decision, we were on for it. Broga was selected as our camping site. We were very high and excited for the camping activities. We had prepared the tent and of course some food through the week. Feel a little bit crazy with crazy friends.  Sometime need to be crazy while we still can, when we still young.

I went the Broga Hill several times. But what I felt special is camping on the Broga which i haven’t experience.  Broga is known as a beginner hill. Is a easy hike with very nice view.  It good to activated the desire of hiking.


Broga Hill Located in Semenyih, is 51 kM away from Klang. Conveniently  drive there using Waze:



  • 2100 – depart from klang
  • 2215 – Arrived to the palm oil estate car park area & begin to hike
  • 2300 – Reach 1st peak & 2nd peak , tent setup
  • 0000 – late supper party
  • 0100 – rest & staring star
  • 0630 – woke up breakfast
  • 0800 – toward to next peak
  • 0900 – Peak
  • 1000 – Return to car park


Thing to prepare for Camping

  • Camping Tent x 2
  • Gas x 2
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Kette x1
  • Aluminum pan
  • Fork & Spoon
  • Paper Cup
  • Obor-Obur (fire torch)
  • Diesel
  • Tissue roll
  • Plastic bag
  • Maggie 2 packets
  • Eggs 1 tray
  • 3 in 1 coffee & Milo
  • Small knife
  • Meat Can Product
  • Fruit
  • Drinking water & water for cooking & Washing 1.5L x 3
  • Matches
  • Insect repellent
  • Headlamp with extra batteries
  • Plastic sheet


Hike up

We reached to the palm oil estate car park about 10 pm,the car park still open, but there no any guide. so we just drive in and park the car. (parking fee collected in the next morning RM 3)

noticed only one car parked there. Dark and no any lighting. we are depend on the headlamp to hike. carried our camping stuffs start to hike. no doubt is more heavier than normal hike. no worry also , the trail also very clear with signage.

Even at night , I still sweat a lot during the hike. But very fast , we reached to the 1st peak. i guess is the result of one year regular hiking activities, we had increased our stamina.

The weather is windy. is awesome to fill the wind. Once we reach to the 1st peak already got one tent was camping there.  Will be very cold if camp here because is windy. Beside that the traffics expected busy in morning on next day.

We moved forward to the second peak, found a flat area which suitable to camp. the area surrounded by the grass. So is not cold. Then we started to set up the tent. This is my 1st experience to set up camping tent. Is not difficult actually . Easy set up with guide from friend.

After that we took out the tool and food. ready for party !

Preparing the food , trying to light the fire . I in charge to give the lighting .


Feel cool . I cook my favorite Tomyam Maggie Mee with cheese sausage. Add an egg , Very nice combination! Spicy and Sweating.

Is fun to have food on the hill with branch of friends. and is often feel satisfied to fill the stomach after hiked. That why people said hike more fat more .because always eat a lot after hike.

is close to 12 am that we had our late supper. After that is time to rest. 3 of my members were slept outside on the plastic sheet with sleeping bag. That is cold .

but I like to sleep in the tent, enclosed small space like a capsule. I lay down with head facing to entrance and staring to the sky. There a lot of stars on that night. Is beautiful star night but regret i can’t captured with my phone.

At the mid night , 2-3am already have people keep hike up here. Because feel a lot of noice, people pass. No doubt here is the hill with lot of visitors.

Broga Sunrise

In the Morning, This the place we camped . Plan to wake up late, but woke up early. Because  Had Hot Milo prepared by friend . So nice . Now is waiting for the sunrise.


Also need find place to pee, because no toilet up here. Just find covered place to settle. , the lalang grass were shaking due to the wind . Saw a lot off people ?

The sunrise , a lot of hiker will start to hike before the sunrise to meet the sunrise .


Lovely sunshine . Photo took on my request . Everyone is facing the sun . Hard to open the eye .haha

After the sunrise , the sky is bright , weather getting hot. we packed our stuff ans continue to hike to higher peak.

Here we rest, sit and relax, lay down, listen to few songs. enjoy the view in front .


Broga Hill is the first hill i hike, is already many years ago, remember that that time i just wore a normal running shoes, t-shirt,short pant, hiked with free hand without any bag pack. just need some water. can be casual actually.

Reaching to the peak, not much people yet . if late , here will jam the will become line up to top.

reached to the peak 1312 ft .

Something fun with the shadow , also took funny video.


Time to going down .The signature view of the Broga .the hill covered by lalang without tall tree that cover the view.

Don’t know when got this chair.

Going down, also is the time a lot people hiking up.

as usual , will have the coconut drink after reach the entrance of the trial. Rest and depart for food ! again food !


End .