Gunung Datuk, search for the foot step of the Warrior Hang Tuah- (19.11.16)

After one week of stress and busy work, weekend finally had came, Time for little adventure. This week we go to Gunung Datuk. Been here 3 weeks ago. That week had an event held, not allow to hike. So here we come again.

Gunung Datuk is 885m high.The attraction are giant Rock and 180 degree panorama view on the peak. and also a legendary story of Hang Tuah.

Gunung Datuk located 1.5 hrs drive distance from klang. not too far to reach. Important is never been before. no matter how, need a first visit.

recently there some News on accident cases happened during hiking. we need took this as awareness and remind ourselves to be more careful, be prepared before go hiking.

Hiking can be dangerous when climbing the steep area, especially beside the cliff. once wrong step, you are done.

before the hike , we also need to prepare our body for hiking.Some dynamic stretching exercise help to warming up and  ready for hiking, climbing. it reduce the fatigue and body pain during hike.

Some tips of Dynamic Stretching from experience hiker :


Hike record


  • Total hike time: 4.5 Hrs
  • Hike up: 2.5Hrs
  • Hike down : 2 Hrs
  • Total distance :  6km

the track shown elevation all the way up, dont have any ” W” . The Elevation alos shown that the suddenly down of the slope. this is because the app was lost tracking when hike down. the trend down should same as up.

Our recorded schedule:

  • 7.45 am – reach to the Car Park
  • 8.00 am – start Hike
  • 10.30 am – Peak
  • 11.30 am – Hike down
  • 12.30 pm – Back to Car park


Thing to prepare

no need to bring a lot of stuff, be light as possible

  • Isotonic drink 1.5L, mineral water 1.0L
  • can drink
  • Food & snack
  • Hiking Pole
  • Insect repellent
  • Rain Coat / umbrella


The Trail Location

Gunung Datuk located in Hutan Lipur Negeri Sembilan . 125 km from klang (1.5Hrs travel distance) .

Waze Search ” Gunung Datuk Entrance” then will lead you until enter the small road to entrance . The small road on the left side with signage.

Drive carefully , the road is narrow . A lot one car to go through. Till the end is a car park. You able to park the car here if come early.

When we reached here, actually already full with car. But luckily got a nice uncle showed us the parking space, parked in front of the food stall and beside the 2 dustbins. not sure block others or not.

Have a little refreshment to a cat come near to us.

The Facilities & Fee

  • Entrance fee:rm 5
  • parking fee : –
  • Toilet
  • Small food stall


Hiking UP

The entrance with signage .is located the car park and just around the Small Round About with KERIS.

Didn’t saw the counter , wonder where is the registration counter is. Actually the counter located inside. We need hike in a bit to reach to the counter . The counter still closed when we there at 8 am. So we just went in first then register after we come down.

The entrance of the trail start with 2 giant rock. Like a gate. Haha

A lot of rock at beginning trail . With a lot of red arrow marking. A very good job for party who take care this trail Koperasi Gunung Datuk Rembau Berhad .

Yellow Signage show the distance to the peak. It start from 2000 meter . But on my tracking app. It recorded about 6 km long. there also rope that assist hkers to go up.

All the way up , more steep at earlier trail. Later trail is more easier. don give up !! let Go!! we need to witness the foot step of warrior.

A lot of hiker , and a lot of hiker coming down. Seem many hiker hike up for sunrise early morning.

Check point . After check point more easier . We didn’t stay here long . Is crowded .

The girls celebrating the mileage. 1100 meter left. ON the trail we had met an young grandpa. Mr Lee Chong Meng. He is oldest Malaysian Everest Mount HIker in this year May 2016. He asked us to guess his age. His look about 40-50 years old. but he said already closed to 70. can call him grandpa. he still very health with strong stamina, this result of the regular Hiking. We followed him a while, but very fast he already very ahead and disappeared in slight. Very Good stamina.

some of his news in below link. He didn’t make it to the peak of Everest due to BAd weather. he said will challenge again next year 2017.

Look like the ” Xi you Ji NO. 2″

wow.. left only 370 meter. the yellow signage seem a lot graffiti. purpose to your beautiful name? but you just ruined the property.

Fallen tree. a hazard . what happen if the tree suddenly fall ? hmm… it may happen in thunder storm weather.


Gunung Datuk Peak

A wide area before the peak . can have camping , picnic at this area.

spotted  Grandpa Lee again, who wearing green colour shirt sit on the rock. then we climb the ladder to the peak.

Notice a power socket ? Wondering on the power plug . Haha . Is for charging ? kidding. is a fate one. After tat we going to climb up ladder again. this one seem more challenging. the ladder is shaking.

The view from the top of ladder . heavy traffic here. Q up Q down .


This the rock always seen on the website. the formation of the rock is just beautiful. beautiful scene and together with song. Song ? ya . got a group of people camping under the rock. they play guitar and sing. the atmosphere is good with the song. very happening. thanks !

The ladder to the top. and the tiny man at the bottom . look high right ?

On the peak , sometime mist , sometime clear. is  changing fast. i search for the foot step. noticed a group hiker station here. so i just wait and wait there. till got people went there to have photo with the foot step.

6 hikers, Only 3 make it to the peak this time.

The foot step impression of The warrior Hang Tuah which the legendary said Hang Tuah jump over the mountain to mountain and leave the foot print here.

 Foot print and my safety shoes. 

we stay on the peak about 1 hrs. until the sun is hot , then we start moving down.

Hike down

Flying down with full speed, sweat like rain.

Just noticed there got a sting tree on top of head , aware !! don’t get Head bang to it .

The giant tree .big enough compare to  Giant tree at Ta Prohm temple in Angkor wat compound ? Tree that survive together with temple.

Face become red.

Reach to the registration counter and pay. Meet the member at Car park, had cold drink. get change and go for food !


The narrow road . is narrow for you ?
Senawang Coconut shake . Matahari coconut shake. the weather is just good.

Thinking in mind … Gunung Baling. when can i go ?

end …


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