Great Visit to Melaka Desert, klebang . (05.11.16)

It is surprised me when i get to know Malaysia got a desert, and it located in Melaka , is very attempted to visit. coincidentally a friend wedding event held in Melaka and participated in Brother team. after the event, we get a chance to visit this place.

Actually the desert appeared result of Land reclamation project. The place seen is ready for big project as banner showing around. Mean that this attraction is not permanent. It will change with the project.

It Is a hidden attraction in Melaka, different from food trip in Melaka. Currently the place getting became due to it widely spread in social media.  There also other attraction like MUzium Kapal Selam and Bustel is nearby. due to limited time, not able to visit those place. will go next time.

I went the desert in Mui ne, Vietnam  and Gumuk Pasir in Java Indonesia. Both are beautiful place. The Desert landscape can be very beautiful although it is the sign of natural ruined.  I like to experience the desert, but I did not hoping desert appear more on Earth.



Desert Melaka just nearly the Pantai Klebang. It don’t have any signage. The road also looks very new. is rocky road at the end . there is no fee, nothing.


You can drive there using Waze:

The Desert entrance at the end of the road. The entrance blocked by big pipe, prevent Car to go in. you can park the car at the area beside the entrance.

If you can’t find, also can search for Pantai Klebang in Google Map.

We had the coconut shake before heading to the desert. Is nice combination, Klebang coconut shake + klebang desert. Haha . but haven’t reach we already finished the drink.


Walking Toward the Desert

We reach there about 4.50pm. We stop the car at the end of the blocking road, the rest we need to walk. I am not really measure the distance because of the phone is low battery, but estimated about 1 km. is chance to exercise after eat a lot of calories.

Thanks that the weather is very good when we reach there, there no hot sun. is just nice. It took 10-15min to  the sand dune. Plus run a bit .

Avoid to come here when is hot, suitable time is early morning or evening. Evening is better because can enjoy the sunset.

A rocky road, a sand road. We chose the sand road. Maybe nicer view

Small plant captured. Nice landscape. The little grass with wide plain. we had run on the field . Such exciting feel.

Across the rocky road, the road look newly constructed

Sleeping grass (含羞草) in between the road. often like to touch this grass when saw it. it will go  sleeping.


Sand Dune

Across the road , come to sand dune areaThe sand is for construction purpose, rough but is white. Is man made desert, is different from real one. But is beautiful. Event got people have their wedding photo shooting  here.

All sand, We run with bare foot here, but be careful the step, got some broken wood and littering. My friend had his slipper broken because climb with slipper .

Is fun to climb the sand dune. Across dune to dune. Climb to the highest point.

The sand dune at the sea side , see the sea at the edge. Is more windy here .

Taking picture. rest and feel the wind.

We stay here about 40 min. Then we walk back to car park .

Notice got sea water capture between the dune, little green colour. look nice.

Run ar ……  !

Look like a desert with a lot of Dune .

Way going back . Took another 15-20min . Small rain is coming . the timing is just right. rain come when we in the car.

Beautiful lalang grass spotted .

Is a great visit here. should visit here if you like the desert. can spend a lot of time photo shooting. can run through all the dune, is a very wide area. we just able to cross few dunes.

May be people will thing that nothing to see, nothing interesting, Nothing to do . What the hell, I want see with my own eye. I not going to miss the good thing because the comment.  because different people different taste. so go and witness.

End ~


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