Lost in Bukit Batu Putih

Easy Hill , only 26 Meter above the sea level, the lowest hill ever hike. The view is nice, the rock on the peak most in white color, may be this is where the name come from. From the top able to see the sunset, and beach view from high. This hill is getting famous due to the nice view and easy accessible.

This is the second time I came to Bukit Batu Putih, but this time only  realized that we not reach to Bukit Batu Putih Peak actually. We routed another secret location without knowing previously.

This time same, I followed the previous path. Hiked to  beach area (pulau intan). i noticed when I saw the map in my tracking app. The Bukit Batu Putih land marking was opposite our hiking direction. Then we asked people around only get the correct direction.

I do recalled that when I registered at the counter, the uncle at the counter got ask me where to go. I Said “ Bukit  Batu Putih “ , He said . Sampai Rumah Api (Light Tower), ikut kanan” then I forgot when I saw the light tower. I was too excited may be.

Hike Record

  • Total Hike time : 3.5Hrs (include Rest& Get Lost)
  • Hike Up : 30 minutes
  • Hike Down : 20 minutes
  • Total Distance: 5 km
  • Distance from entrance to Peak : 1.3km


Things to Prepare

  • Entrance fee: RM 1.00
  • A light backpack to bring item below
  • Head lamp / torchlight
  • Food and snack (Important)
  • Isotonic Drink 1.5L, Mineral water 500ml
  • Hiking Pole for beginner
  • Umbrella, rain coat
  • Insect repellent


The Trail Location

It located in Negeri Sembilan, near the port Dickson. As usual I use Waze to reached here. Search “ Hutan Rekreasi Tanjung Tuan” . 77km Travel duration 1.5HRs from Klang. Waze route us until the entrance as picture below.

Hiking up

The purpose of this hike is to see the sunset on the peak of Bukit Batu Putih. But at the beginning, we hike to the wrong side which is reached to Pulau Intan. But there also is a place that worth to visit. Is too easy if only hike Batu Putih alone.

We had unexpected a big group of 15 people gathered at entrance at evening 4.00pm. then we start with the concrete road, hike about 0.8km. then reach to the light Tower (Rumah Api).

Behide the Light Tower, actually can see the sea view with horizon. Can enjoy the sunset here also.

The we took the route at the left side, Going down and down to the beach.

A lot of staircases. All staircases. Until reach to beach

Nice beach view, a lot of stone on the beach , I think is not suitable to swim, and no body swim here.

Here I already noticed we in the wrong route, need to find way to Bukit Batu PUtih. went further right scouting .

wooo….. found some green plant on the beach, see clearly that is seagrass.

Then we asked for direction when somebody passby. found that we need to head back to the Light Tower. The Bukit Batu Putih entrance is near there.

Hiking back, Steep stair case. … some people was fainting, some people labored breathing like a cow. . we rested a while and had some Rambutan.

Back to Light Tower. Sweat a lot

Finally !!! the real Trail

Saw the signage of BUKIT BATU PUTIH . Very small. The entrance located at the right side just before the Light Tower

Not noticed when pass by. Then we Hike for real trail . started 5.20pm. 300meter only !

Look more like jungle trekking then climb stair case .

Is windy

5.35pm Saw the giant rock, just 15min we reached to destination.

My sister and brother

Rock Climbing . Quite a lot off hikers up here.

Time to take some picture and enjoy the snack. Wait the sunset to come

Photo booming session .
Cute cartoon insect repellent patch, mine is bear. Bear fly away after photo . last photo of the bear. funny .

Climb here and there. Can going down, but be careful .

6.50pm- The cloud blocked the sunset, we decided to hike down . Sky getting dark. Torch light is a must if want stay until sunset. Is not safe to stay dark in the jungle.

10 min to hike back, the view of the light Tower.

Said good bye and back . Meet again at the next hike .


Korean Teppan BBQ-Choi’s Don & Dak

My brother favorite food. He is a food seeker. Always got nice food to recommend.This restaurant located in Kuchai Lama :https://goo.gl/maps/PBjJeaVs8hK2

serve chichen and pork Dak galbi. the dish cooked on the spot on hot sizzling plate on table. Eat the Dak galbi with salad leaf and sauce provided . is Tasty .

ate until full

another specialty is the graffiti on wall. they let customer draw and write anything on the wall. A lot of word and cartoon.My sister also made some mark .

The art work – the angel with blue wing. and siblings & 2 Friends

Also some nice art here. Do you remember ??? once upon a time we all had a promise.

~ end




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