Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Uluwatu-Travel In Indonesia – Day 10 (16.09.16)

Today is 16th September . Malaysia Day, the day of joining together of Malaya, North Borneo, Singapore and Sarawak to form Malaysia. Happy Malaysia Day !

And also is last 2 day Travel in Indonesia, the journey is going to end, but we had enjoy well enough.  Today we still drive far to visit a large Rice terraces located in Jatiluwith. Is really wide rice Terraces, worth a visit.  definitely larger than Tegalalang rice terrace in Ubud that decide initially. But …..

Because we got Car!  so we go far far !

This morning we allowed ourselves to wake up late, we not rush to visit many places, so we relax and have breakfast at Homestay restaurant. Enjoy the black coffee…. feel the free time .

The view In front , across road is a small covienience stall. Saw the people open stall and business. Entrance Door hanged a caged bird. This is life here behind crowd main road.

After that we be prepare drive 2 hrs to destination. Depart about 9am.  Little traffic jam in town , after the town is smooth. Proper road, no obstacle .

Actually we got a wrong way near to the destination, lead by Waze. nearly go into jungle road. Lucky we reverse out to use another road. So be careful not to drive into narrow road, always choose the main road. Hehe. We got little Phobia after car stuck in jungle incident in Jogya.


Location : https://goo.gl/maps/pwyVKa4i6Mn

Wow!! …Is quite excited at the  first slight ,a wide and green field when arriving to the rice Terraces. Both side of the road covered by rice terrace, feel green and fresh.

entrance fee : 20,000 IDR per pax

Feel cool, sun are not very hot. From the info this rice Terrace located 700 meter above sea level and right at the foot of the Batukaru mountain. Here we can see the mountain and natural panorama view of the green rice terrace. But due to the cloudy weather, I can’t see the mountain.

The mountain that cover by cloud . But still a nice view right ?

This is  the road side. The paddy is everywhere.

We Follow people , Walked through the rice terrace, have some pictures. Green is good for eye. Mind healing. always is my favorite color.  Look , the route actually very narrow on the field, have to concede each other while walk through and also Say Hai !

Follow the route , here well prepared for tourist.

Healthy paddy. Closer to paddy field .the paddy is not too crowded together.

Well manage irrigation system. If not mistaken this site also appointed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites because of the effort of the organization who manage the site – SuBak

Source :http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/1194

Scarecrow fly in the sky….windy .好休闲. Feel want to shout!!!  yeah !!!!

The rice terrace is wide, we try to cross to another side, but we drop into mud then heading back . Lucky we wear slipper.


On top there some restaurant and coffee shop for tourist to enjoy green natural view with drinks. The small rain comes when we sit in a Warung beside the road. Cold wind – cloudy sky – emo feel

After the coffee almost  1 pm , we depart for lunch. Planned to have famous Babi Guling. But due to festival season, a lot of Restaurant not open. So lastly we gave up on Babi Guling and went to Wahaha pork rib. Also very nice, the pork rib very soft.

uluwatuAfter that travel south to Ulu Watu, reach about 4.3pm .

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/4B5fXLS6MVQ2

Ulu Watu Temple

The temple famous of magnificent location, the temple built on the end of the cliff that 70 meters above the sea level. below the straight cliff have beautiful ocean.the wave is smooth, seem suitable for surfing, but didn’t see anyone surf here.  there 2 end of the cliff.

Entrance ticket : 30,000 IDR

Here have a lot of visitors, visitor require to Wear Salong . so you can see us with salong. The salong matching with traditional art shirt.

Here also got a lot of monkey, the monkeys are brave to get close to visitor and grab visitor belonging. Especially sunglasses. Walk in group so the monkeys not too naughty. And not advice to visit too early or too late when there no people. All the monkeys will come to you. Arrrrr!!!!

Cute monkey sit on the pillar.

Prayers praying in the temple, there some event held .not sure not the special event held, but look holy. And outside a lot of tourists .

This is the view from the temple side. After visit here , we walk to another side , there more and more monkeys !!

Nice build stair case along the cliff .

Another end of the cliff. Opposite cliff is where the temple located.

See .. group of monkey army actually mess up the dustbin, finding food . The monkey very clever , they know how to open the cap of the mineral bottle and drink !

But monkey also Make nice scene. Is almost sunset time .

Sunset from the Indian Ocean.

Not a perfect sunset, but nice. The sunset symbolic of the end of the journey. No doubt have great experience here. Haha.

After the sunset ,leave with crowd. Bye bye to the monkeys . Dinner in town . Plan for the last day-not much to walk because  going to catch the flight back tomorrow .

To be continue….


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