Temple Visit. Lempuyang -Indonesia Travel Diary Day 9 – (15.09.16)


Pura Lempuyang

One of the eldest temple in Bali. The temple located east side of Bali island, is far away from Denpasar town. Hence, we got our rent car in Bali. we chose to drive. we chose to skip our free breakfast from Homestay and departed early at 7 am. reach to destination about 920 am. Took  2.5 hrs.

pura-lempuyangBut we had ready some bread/snack as breakfast along the travel. we drive and eat, like rushing to work.

Why i come to this temple ?  it is because i saw a picture on Instagram. The picture showed the tall white temple Gate and the view behind the gate is a tall mountain view (if not mistake the mountain is Gunung Agung). is look very attractive. So i bookmarked and include it to my visit list. The temple also is one of the oldest temple in Bali. i like historical stuffs,especially religion related building. so it catch again my attention.

The entrance of the Pura Penataran Agung, Is the Gate high ?   Pura Penataran is the first temple in the compound , is most accessible. Biggest also. You don’t need to climb 1700 steps to reach here.

the front view of the temple, there 3 stair case to the temple, middle one is closed. each stair start with Naga . Naga always believed as the Guardian.

is quite highland even located in lowest of the compound. Climb up to to the temple is able to see this level is very high. View is super .

Historical structure. Faded white colour . Blue sky. Is amazing

this is the Map of the compound, it show by the guide at the entrance. i just took a photo as our Map. because we didn’t hire the tour guide. we have our own adventure.

after we had hike one round trip, i am quite respect the tour guide. the tour guide has to follow the tourist hike 1700 steps per tour. is very exhausting.

Beside we also need to rent the salong in order to enter. I wear myself . Sometime it drop. Haha

The trail after the 1st temple, we reach here by hired MotoBike . look very desolate. is quiet , less people. only saw some local prayers, when we hiking up.

the route , sometime got monkey

More like A jungle look . Natural . Hiker will like this place. We hike without hiking equipments. normal sport shoe will do.

Some uncover route can see the nice view . Is the sea behide the mountain ? Ya . Pura lempuyang located east Conner of the Bali island . Actually already close to the sea .

Temple with Garuda statue, Turtle statue. Who read Hindu god story will know the Garuda is Vanaha (carrier) of the Lord Vishnu .

Have a Rest at the stall. The uncle who take care temple try to tell Hindu god story , But we not really understand the language. But the point he said is some connection between Hindu and Buddhist mythology. .

This the peak look like . Met the prayers pray at the temple. saw their traditional costume, all white and serious. 

Didn’t see any giant door here ad this is the peak.  Noticed that here got very less visitor . Not crowd as other tourism hot spot. is exhausting . the we hiking down through another route.

saw little chickens. haha . Monkey alot. but dont try to scare them, they are aggressive.

Another beautiful temple. Lempuyang Madya Temple. Time 12 pm in afternoon . already spent 2.5hrs here.

We make our way down. Struggling that how far the trail left. Once we saw the MotoBike driver . We catch them without think twice.  Haha .

Finally reach back to the gate . The gate we 1st reached .this the gate I saw in the post.

Bebek Bengil Ubud

After the long hike, we had long drive to Ubud for Bebek Bengil dirty Duck . Yeah! The famous Dirty Duck !!

In front of the restaurant is really crowded with car. Traffic jam. No parking .But have special parking space for the customer behind the restaurant .

 The restaurant is terrible Huge. Like a garden, full with decoration. It decorated like a museum, a tourist hot spot.

Alot of different dining setting.

Imagine to dine in front of the padi field . Wow … cozy and comfortable . But the time rain suddenly come. Strong wind. We have to move to inside seat .

Dirty Duck actually is a deep fried duck . Feel very crispy and salty. Taste good !

Ubud is a nice town to visit, due to limited time , we only had a lunch. 

Tanah Lot

Next we rush to the Tanah lot. Even the weather is cloudy. Small temple on the rock island.

On the low tide , people crossing the sea , get blessed with holy water, and visit the Tanah Lot Temple .

Herequite crowded. A lot of market surrounding .

I like this sea side with green algae.

The night has come and rain followed. We get wet and drive back to Kuta. Traffic jam. Guess what ! The road was flooded .  Just at Legain street. Lucky our rent car is high enough. Didn’t think flood will happen.

The route very narrow and direction is messy. We turn and turn , finally get back to honestly. Wait till rain stop then go out for dinner.

Dinner with moon cake.i like to eat moon cake, so I carried the moon cake from klang Malaysia, travel from Yogyakarta to here. Bali! 

Fly and hike , it still in original shape. Haha. Is a moon cake festival night! So let’s Celebrate with my favorite mooncake and Local Bintang beer!

Haapy Moon cake festival !!


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