Legian, Kuta beach , Bali -Indonesia Travel Diary Day 8 (14.09.16)

Here we are in Bali,  travel long journey from Yogyakarta . we stay in Maya village Bali, is a hotel with helpful staff. only have 1 dorm room. others are private rooms. got a small swimming pool too . Very small pool

in front is Karma & Gill Bar restaurant, run by same owner. Provide free breakfast for the hotel customer .

so we had breakfast at  Karma & Gill Bar restaurant.


Kuta beach

Today we haven’t rent a car, is good to have walking tour area nearby. the famous one are Kuta beach and Legian street. Our hostel quite near to Kuta beach, walking distance 1 km.so we just walk.

the small road we pass throughAnd Legian street, a lot of shopping stuff .

There also many bar and restaurant a long the way. we bought bottle beer from convenient stall from the street, enjoy relax walk with beer till to the beach.

once we entered the beach, a lot of beach boys come to approached for surfing. walk awhile got people come and ask. that time i dint know the surfing is the main activity at kuta beach. after saw a lot of people surfing, we get attempted to try. but not at this period of time. nearly afternoon. Sun is killing my skin.

Under the hot sun, we browse through the beach with umbrella, seem a bit weird but never mind, is hot !

Beach walk Mall

Weather is hot, need to hide inside shopping mall , wait till near evening only came back for surfing.

Beach walk mall , the mall in front to the kuta beach

. i like the design that include a lot of plants. very green like garden.

 Lunch at chow fat – had high score review in google .  I try fried rice . The food more on Chinese style .

Beach surfing

Beach surfing is a famous activity in Bali . Few place can surfing . But for the beginner, kuta beach is more suitable because of the shallow water. Is much safer to surf.

There a lot of beach boy that can teach us. Normally package provided is 1hrs learning class , the rest 2hrs or 3hrs we sulf ourselves. The price is depend on negotiation. We negotiated to get 300,000IDR for 2 people. And 50,000IDR for resting beach chair . I think Is very cheap deal offered due to the time also very late about 3pm , which was close to evening.

When the wave come , we need shout and dash !!! Yaaahhhh!!!

After 1hrs training, able  to to stand on the surf board a few second. Mostly dropped into water. But still statifiying.

Surfing actually energy consuming. Need to across the wave to deeper area to get the bigger wave. Need do push up in order to stand on the surf board. Is a good exercise. After 2 hrs surfed , we already feel very exhausted.

Have a rest on the beach chair with coconut drink. I just want to wait the sunset to come. …

The surf school , the beach shaked hand with us and said thank you. I can feel the warm hospitality from them.

Colourful surf board.

Evening sunset

A solo traveler walking on the beach with her camera. Capturing the moments. I always admired those solo travelers. They Have the courage to travel in foreign countries alone. They often don’t have a luxuries tour,they enjoy the peace  Their passion always is experiencing the life.  Their blog sharing much inspired me.

Dogy dogy playing on the beach . Beach dog

Musical performance on the beach. The song played was “hey Jude” . Very nice song let the  valcation mood up up up !

Sunset glow with a lot of cloud . We walk back to beach walk mall for dinner. The mall has beautiful lighting at night.

At the food court, have a lot of food from other country . Found Malaysia food – bangi kopitiam and Penang char kwe tiao are here  !  but of corse we try local food first . Haha. Nasi lawar . Super spicy . A head of sweat after the dinner .

The food court have cozy environment . We sit at the corner . Can see the sky . The moon is circle , because close to moon cake festival . Moon cake festival should have family gathering. But I always far from home.


10pm , we back hotel sit at chair beside swimming pool and wait for the rent car to come. The car owner late more than 30min . He come with his MotoBike, then asked us want big car or small car . Price the same. 500,000IdR for 2days. We followed him to the his workshop nearby to see the car. After the experience in Jogja , we chose big car- Toyota avanza. He pointed the scratches part. There quite many. He also changed the 4tyres after we pointed out the tyres surface very smooth. Wait another 30min we only got the car.

We park the car in front of hotel . But there really limited space, may block the way. I left the key at counter in case they need to move the car.

Tomorrow is driving time .lets experience the road in Bali !

To be continue …


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