Travel From Mount Bromo to Ijen- Indonesia Travel Diary Day 6 (12.09.16)

Again today will across to another city. 193 km with 5 Hrs travel. from Bromo to Village near Ijen call Sempol. the area also relatively outskirt compare to Bromo. hence there a bit difficult and troublesome to catch the public transport. so we took a ijen tour package that include the transportation. the tour cost 800,000 IDR per person offered by Ceramah Indah Hotel .Package include the transportation from Bromo to Ijen, until Ketapang Banyuwangi . Include ijen Tour and mountain guide, include gas mask. include the stay in Arabica Homestay.

The route as below :

Bromo- Probolingo –Besuki Restaurent – City Bondowosa- Arabica Homestay- Post Paltuding – Ketapang Banyuwangi- ferry to Bangi

Early woke up for the sunrise in front of hotel, we had a sit at the rest pavilion and wait for sunrise. Is very cold. Actually I want to see the 1st golden light hit Mount Bromo instead of sun rising.

After enjoyed Bromo view for a day yesterday but I still would like to see one more time . From different view point.

World is so big, there are so many places want to visit. here … this place Maybe is  once a life time. So , try appreciate the every moments even is sleepy.

The sky still dark at that time, captured the moment when there start little bright. same time at yesterday, we at the Penanjakan with the crowd.


The nice thing is here not as crowd as Penanjakan View Point, instead just a few people hanging around. Saw Aunty  selling hot coffee and cup mee beside the rest pavilion. we also get attempted to have a cup of hot coffee and Mee.  Is simple but felt nice in cold morning. And relax….
Stay near the burning coals and get some heat.

Morning sun

When 1st light came . light covered by the cloud, half shadow. A layer of mist on top of the mountain. Look like the mount tall till reach the sky . After the mist disappeared , blue sky behind , white gases emitted to the blue sky. The contrast make a picture.

Saw the tiny Jeeps are moving on the car route . Everything other than mountain are look small and tiny.

Interesting .

Keep pictures with Bromo and Batok .

9.00 am bye Bromo- we need packing and ready to GO ! . moving  to Ceramah Indah to wait for the Van.

Ceramah indah also got the same view . just in different angle .

Visitor sitting here under the hot sun relax . Wonder they can stand the hot of sun . Is quite hot after the sun was rised .

we are going down ….

A lot of terrace mountain . my eye keep staring outside the window.


we had drop off at at tourist center to wait another mini van. roughly wait about 1 hrs .Get bored.   i not like waiting and see-ing nothing here.


Finally Another mini van come. it took 2 hrs to reach the Besuki restaurant. so we had sleep in the van… very sleepy .

Lunch at besuki Restaurant that arranged by Tour. the waiter is nice but the food i ate not tasty.  i really felt i need some Vege. haha

Pokémon is here . the word now crazy about Pokemon GO.

Indomart is like the 7 elevent and 99 speed mart in Malaysia . can found everywhere. can get cheap local dry food here. 

We going into mountain area, steep and narrow road . 

The driver suddenly stop the van. He get off his seat and came down open all the window . Then off the air con and continue drive. The dint said a word, we all very curious what is going on .

But he actually want to off aircond , Mayb the car will more power to climb the steep road. 

The weather also cold , because we already at highland .  

People rest and enjoy

We stop at a rest station , here got a cafe malabar. But already closed . Closed to sunset . The mountain view here was very nice . Indonesia got a lot of mountain and volcano . 

Our van ,can occupy 16people . A long van . 

Reached to homestay at 7pm , have a dinner. No choice for dinner . Saw all people took set that cafe had . And tried the arabica coffee. Is free, I had few cups . At night no need to sleep . 

Also walk around out side hotel , here is a village , no shop and place for entertainment . Special things we noticed are they have small garden in front of each house. Is very beautiful. Most is vegetable plant. 

Nearby also got a coffee factory, the arabica coffee which is famous here. 

We stay here for 5hours . Later 1am morning have to depart to Ijen . So we just have rest in hotel for couple of hours and ready to move again . 

Tommorrow is excited Ijen tour . 

End of the days ~~


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