Mount Bromo-Roaming through Sea of Sand, Indonesia Travel Diary Day 5 (11.09.16)

My Original plan was trekking to the Pananjakan view point. 3 hrs through 5km Trail. According information it took 3 Hrs to view point , so 3 am need to start hiking in order to catch up the sunrise at 6 am. Is energy consuming. After the long travel yesterday, then we decided to take the Jeep tour.  Save some energy for afternoon hike, and also want to experience Jeep ride.


Our decision is right. Because at that afternoon, we had walk all way to Bromo Mount and hike to crater, is tiring. If we hike in the morning, we will exhausted and not able to hike any more.

Bromo is very special spot point; need to enjoy the unique view. My recommendation is to stay at least a full day at ceromo Lewang,  in order to have enough time to explore.

Schedule of the day are :

  • 4.00am -Early morning took Jeep to Pananjakan View point for Sunrise.
  • 8.00am – foot of the Bromo- (didn not hike up because too crowded)
  • 10.00am – Back to hotel breakfast
  • 11.00am – free & Easy
  • 1.00pm – lunch at hotel
  • 3.00pm – Hike Bromo Mount
  • 6.00pm – back hotel free & easy

The schedule try to avoid Bromo hiking peak hours in the morning

Transport & Tour Package from Hotel :

  • Sunrise Jeep tour Pakage : 450,000 IDR per Jeep
  • Jeep tour to Foot of Bromo : 250,000 IDR per Jeep

(Jeep can share by 5 people)



3.00am, the alarm ring !!! woke-up and ready for a excited  tour. Felt the cold when step outside of the room. Had my jacket and glove won, but still felt freezing…especially hand.   The sky were dark and a lot of stars. Feel the excitement to start the journey even felt a bit tired..

We departed late 4.00am after all gathered. We got red colour JEEP.

The entrance road just at left side of the hotel.  We have long rides , took 30min to reach to destination. The road look bad from the dark. Like riding roller coaster. Can see a lot of jeep surrounding, going same direction.  More jeeps insight when getting near to view point.  Then jam …the jeep stop at the road side when it cant go up anymore , because full in front  .

Drop off , we follow the flow going up, saw left side got a lot of coffee shop . we sit at a stall that less crowded and enjoy the coffee.  Nothing feel good then to have a cup of hot drink on hand when you cold. Feel Warm…..cold weather  make Hot grilled corn from street stall taste nicer !

Mount Bromo Sunrise

5.30am – after had our stomach filled, we heading to view point. We reached the stair case, there a lot of people standing and queue and waiting to going up.

Not surprise that will be crowded because Pananjakan view point is the top rated spot not only tourist but also for locals. So is really Bustling with noise and excitement even the sky still dark.

We trying to approaching to the front, find a good spot. But we can’t even move. Is so crowded. Some people camping here with tent, some people slept on the floor with sleeping bed.  And other people need cross through without step on them. I think is dangerous. Slowly  slowly… we approaching to front but cant reach. cant saw clearly the view in front but see a lot of head , then I use selfie stick. I elongated my selfie stick and lift high to snap picture, so we can see the view.

6.00am , Fiery red and orange slowly appeared on the horizon. Everyone was excited and shout. Of course a lot camera snapping pictures.

A lot of people and camera

6.15am – sky getting bright, sunrise is coming. The time I noticed Mount Bromo at right side. I decided squeezed to the right like a soldier.  Because I more interested in the Mount Bromo view than the sunrise.

Same, crowded in front. I saw people climbed over the fencing, so I did followed . Hmm … Dangerous move.

There are less people after beyond the fencing.can took nicer picture without the crowd.

Wow ! Ya ! Bromo view is amazing.  Like surface of the moon. Actually Bromo is the lower volcano that emitting the gas. The higher volcano is called Mount Batuk.

The volcanos area surrounded by the higher mountain and highland. it like the wall enclosed area surrounding a. so if the volcano eruption, there got area to contain the lava.  The geography look very special.

The gas keep emitted from the Bromo crater.  Gas floating into sky .

The left side of the mountain is Cemoro Lewang, the place we stay. Is so far and small. Can image how far if by trekking .

See where we were, this is outside the fencing. Is cold , very cold .. because I using my right hand to took picture by phone, so the hand didn’t wear glove . My finger feel freezing.but feel amazing .  Cold weather area always is my favorite. btw, my right hand glove also lost.

The gate of Pananjakan

After the sunrise , people start rushing down …


Colorful Jeeps

Branch of  jeeps and motorbike are start moving. Whole road going down were Jammed.

The jeeps were queue ing . and stop.. Driver also went down and wait.  So we also get down  and took some picture. we did this kind of sily things .

The colorful of the JeepS, is an interesting view .

Finally the Jeep Queue start moving, going down .tinnitus , feel buzzing in the ears. Although in interesting view, but I still fishing on the seat.

  I noticed actually we had pass through the sandsea area this morning , just very dark that we dint noticed it.

Dust are flying everywhere, cause a lot of jeeps moving around. A lot that you cant imagine .

Foot of mount Bromo – Sea of Sand

Then we had been dropped at the foot of mountain. Here to let people hike up the bromo to see the crater.

But we didn’t plan going up now, so we just walk around. The sun is strong ,and no shelter. have to Full equipped to prevent the sunlight and dust. Ninja look !

We also took out the umbrella. We are look weird . No body carry umbrella here.

A Hindu temple Stand alone in middle of the sea of sand . Seem so lonely but is look special .

We go inside to slight seeing . have people praying here.

A lot people coming. Any special ceremony?


Afternoon Rest

10.00am – back to breakfast, walk around looking for Ijen tour for next day. had asked permai indah, lava café  and ceramah indah . Lastly we choose package offered by ceramah indah.

After settle the package , is sleepy  then we go back hotel and rest . hot day in mid afternoon, not suitable to hike .


Exploring, Trekking, Roaming to mount Bromo

3.00pm , the sky look cloudy , worry it will rain . we plan walk to the Mount Bromo, follow the car route. There is few km long. But the view is interesting . so is not bored walking.

Going down, lot motorbikes want to offer ride. We had rejected many times. Sometime feel always saw the same face.

Saw Mount Bromo from far, the target is there.

Stand on the sand, 4 sides surrounded by highland, feel like on different planet.  Here had a name “ sandsea”. It formed around 8000 years ago, with massive eruption. So the special geography formed.

When vehicle pass by …

Less vehicles, feel quiet and peace. it this good without crowd


We didn’t have horse ride too. Because I dono how to rides. But I think is fun if can rides horse and run freely through this wide area.

Bromo Crater

Reach to the foot. Start hiking up , got relief on the right-side. Many faces relief.  A little bit creepy .

Walking at the edge of mountain is look fun.


White  Horse


Above there got a gate ,all the horses will stop here.

After the gate , few step walk to the stair case

The 240steps staircase from bottom.

Finally at the end of stair case, we had reached to the crater. Time recorded 4.15pm.

the volcanic crater just in front. It fenced so people not get too closed. Is great to witness the crater. Heard the earth sound . Is Stunning!

The gas released nonstop from volcanic crater. iIt look so active. From history record, most recent eruption occurred in 2004 and 2 tourist killed.  Record also show eruption of Bromo happen every few years.
When I wrote this diary, also noticed there was eruption warning on 29 Sept 16, which the end month after my trip.

New of the volcano:

 there not much people up here.

The edge of the crater, not enough time to explore . The small shower rain had come at this moment.

The view on top of the Mount bromo . Look very high . No plant at all .

Time to going down . The kids are running down. We are waliking down.

Time to have nice photo .

Shoe full of black sand .

6.00pm back to hotel .faster get shower Before cold at night .settle the dinner at the hotel, and rest early . Because wad exhausted after the tour. Is an interesting Tour

The next day still want wake up to see the sunrise in front of hotel.

To be continue ….


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