Travel from Yogyakarta to Bromo Mount- Travel Diary Day 4 (10.09.16)

Today topic is mainly travelling. Travel From one point to another point by varies public transport. i like travel in far distance, across city to city. for me, the purpose is not only want to reach the destination,  i more enjoy the moment of traveling, enjoy the view, observe  people around. sometime listen to people.

We departed 6.45am from Train station Yogyakarta Tugu, and arrived to Cemoro Lewang at 7.00pm. Almost 12 Hrs travel, crossed 470 km by Train, Taxi , Bus and MiniBus.


Summary cost  for reference

  • Yogyakarta Tugu to Surabaya Gubeng Train Ticket fee- 163,500 IDR (BISNIS CLASS)
  • Surabaya Gubeng to Terminal Purabaya– Taxi fee 120,000 IDR (if shared by 2 will be 60,000 IDR each)
  • Terminal Purabaya to Terminal Bayuangga – Bus 30,000 IDR
  • Terminal Bayuangga to Cemoro Lewang , Mini Bus (35,000 IDR per pax with total 15pax ). in our case 65,000 IDR because only passenger .


Train to Surabaya

5 am woke up and check out. Carry the our backpack walk toward to the train station. 5 min walking distance, our home stay is near to the train station.

The train system is good, provide self Check counter. We just enter the booking number then can print the boarding pass.

Passport & boarding pass checked before go into departure hall. Just like airport.

Modern train , not like I took in Thailand, open window with fan. But Indonesia train much more better. Con is the window is closed, air conditioning. No classic feel. Overall is comfortable. the air-cond is split unit, first time saw this.

when we seat, found people behind place the leg in between the seat. is really funny . i think not really hygienic.

And the seats are not full. some people just took the whole seat, lay down and sleep.

Food & drink sell on the train. but we have prepare our own food.

saw Gunung Lawu from far, with green paddy field, is beautiful. also some with corn field. can see a lot wide piece of crops. but just did’t saw any oil palm plantation.

of course , we do slept in the train.


Surabaya Gubeng to Terminal Purabaya

11.50am arrived to Surabaya Gubeng. A alot people waiting at the arrival hall. was crowded. A lot Taxi Driver and Tour agent asked where you want to go? i try to avoid the travel agent so i did not mention my final destination. i only told i want go to Terminal Purabaya. need to be firm on your decision.

finally we took a taxi, discount 150,000 IDR to 120,000 IDR. took us to lunch first , then only to terminal Purabaya.

There a lot of taxi here, we get to know that he was park at the station whole morning without customer.imagine there are strong competition . we got advantage to negotiate the taxi fee. but i think 120,000 IDR is fair enough because the traffic is really bad, had jam almost 1HRs to reach the terminal. further more the driver do also on the meter. the meter figure almost reached 120,000 IDR.

During the drive , the taxi driver keep approached us to visit some places in Surabaya. i firmly said. NO, we had no time.

We had the lunch at Rawon Setan , is a famous dish in Surabaya. Served with black soup with beef with steam rice. and spicy tauge . the black colour soup come from seasoning named Kluwak. The soup is tasty, the tauge super spicy.  the kluwak taste make me recall a Nonya dish call Ayam Buah Keluak. they both use keluak as seasoning.

a lot of take away order.

we took 1 Hrs to reached to the Terminal Purabaya due to the traffic jam.


Terminal Purabaya to Terminal Bayuangga (Probolinggo)

2.00pm reached terminal Purabaya, next destination is Terminal Bayuangga, Bayuangga is the bus terminal located in Probolinggo. From Terminal Purabaya, we need to find the bus to probolinggo. Find the departure line with Probolinggo signage and wait for the bus, the bus depart every 15 minutes .

lucky, when we reached there, the bus just want to depart, so able to catch the bus without waiting. save us some time.

the bus full of passengers. there is no place to put our backpack.

 so we put our bag on leg. In between Tiket staff will ask if whether is go to Bromo or not. Just answer NO. because i read a lot of post saying that they will ask you drop off at travel agent if knew you want to go to Bromo. Maybe they can earn some commission there.

bought snack to eat. just feel hungry. hungry.


Terminal Bayuangga to Cemoro Lewang

4.00pm , we arrived to Terminal Bayuangga . Much more smaller and less crowded bus station.

During arriving, A person aggressively come over and said mini bus to Bromo. i asked the price. he said 35,000 IDR per person. ok is the same price i heard, we follow him to here, and wait. In front is a travel agent counter. i very doubt and ask when the bus come. he said too late, bus just depart. need wat for next bus. just wait here.

after awhile, i saw 2 tourists come look for information. then i asked them whether they going to Bromo or not. They said yes, and they had gathered 6 people there. Wa ! that Great . then we left and follow them to the minibus.

yes, the green minibus that mention by post. can take 15 people with 35,000 IDR . i think we lucky enough to catch this bus, because already 4.00 pm something, is very hard to gather passenger at this time. lastly we paid 65,000IDR each with 8 people. and depart around 6.00 pm.

took 1 Hrs, we reached to Cemoro Lewang. A lot of nice mountain view along the way. The weather getting cold and the sky is dark. not able to took picture due to low light.

the mini bus stopped , and the driver gone. i know we reached Cemoro lewang, but the driver does not infom anything and disappeared. whole of passenger were waiting. outside was very cold. we took out the jacket and wear. after 10 minutes, we all was curious what is happening. we thought the bus will send us hotel.

Then we check the hotel location, is very near. so we make decision and walked to the hotel.

before go to the hotel , we asked to pay the entrance fee. 220,000 IDR . weekend and holiday need extra 100,000IDR . since the day we enter is saturday, so we paid 220,000 IDR per pax.

We also book a Jeep tour from hotel for the Sunrise at Pananjakan. 450,000 IDR a Jeep and share 5 people. We managed to find another 2 people to join us, so is 112,500 IDR per person.  After settled down at hotel Permai. we come out for dinner. not much choice here.

We had satay street food and simple restaurant. the food was normal. but took long time for the food served. the girl that take the order always make mistake. till the customer make joke on her. is funny. the took like a young teenager. seem like family restaurant and the children are helping in the restaurant.

we also went to famous hotel call Lava cafe, always full house. so no chance to try the food. the waiter in there not very friendly too.

the night with shinning star on the sky, but we need to sleep early because next day we need get up at 3.00am and start gather for tour at 4.00am, morning.

Good night

~ To be continue


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