Taman Sari – Pantai Timang – Gumuk Pasir , Yogyakarta ,Indonesia Travel Diary Day 3 (09.09.16)


Woke up at early morning 7.30am, ate bread breakfast that provided by homestay. Since tomorrow we have to take train to Surabaya. So we go to the train station have a look. Walk though small street. Is colorful.

Indonesian like to keep birds as pet, is common to see bird cage hanging in font of shop or home. i think this is one of culture in Indonesia.

nice bird cages

I had tried cendol drink. it not same as cendol in malaysia.  A little weird for me. haha . the hygiene awareness on the street food is not strong. always saw the tableware not really cleaned.


 went train station.across the railway.


Taman Sari Water Palace


After inquiry at the train station. we went to visit Taman Sari. Took a Horse Carriage ride at Malioboro street, 100,000 IDR , is discount from 150,000 IDR.

Horse carriage to Taman Sari

Tata.. tata.. sound of the horse carriage … Leisure feel …. relax


Met a group of kindergarten students tour. See their colorful outfit. very cute and energized kids.

Taman Sari water palace actually is loyal garden of the sultanate of Yogyakarta. like villa for relaxing moment.

Noticed the wall relief , like a art Piece

here the tower that sultan observed the bathing women . there is cool.

Attraction: Architecture

  • Entrance fee : 15,000 IDR (international price)
  • Horse Carriage : 100,000 IDR
  • Distance from City : in the city , Kraton
  • Location: https://goo.gl/maps/94y2LSoeV142

Pantai Timang

Depart about 11.30am. As Planned drive from city follow the route suggested by Waze.75km and 2.5hrs .

Saw a MotoBike carried a goat.Alive one ! The goat struggle at behind .

Then, Pass by beji , bought some ciku . We saw a lot of spherical stuff hanging on a lot of stalls , initial think that was potato. Is so many , so we stop and have a look. So it actually is ciku.

After 2 hrs travel , is far from city toward (Nglambor beach), road is getting narrow. Then we reached to road without concrete. Hmm … Is rocky road which I am scared. I recalled that I ever read a post said there are rocky road before the destination. Need a  4 wheels drive to go through.

I knew we are near, but I was thinking whether want to drive in or not because the road conditions look terrible. There is nothing at left, right of the road,just like jungle. I went down for a scout. The time a motorbike was approaching. The driver was thin local people with hunting gun. I asked him is our car able to drive in. He said is ok, and drive slow.

Then we tried to drive in because still have 2km is quite far to walk.but in my gut , I feel worried.

Can felt the rock road is touching the base of the car and car shaking around. When come to down hill road. I was thinking the car able climb up later when return.Just after the downhill, followed by a up hill road .

Nightmare is came, THE CAR NOT ABLE TO CLIMB UP. Our car no power to climb the hill plus the road was slippery with small rock. OMG !! The Car is stuck in the jungle !!! Was terrible and panic at that moment.  The driver with Hunting gun come again. I don’t know what he doing, but he cant help us. (I am panic until forgot to take picture)

Then we adjusted our car to the corner of the road, the we decided to walk to pantai Timang and ask for help after the tour there. there is no other choice. Recalled that there are 1-2km more to destination. just gambateh !

Off the rocky road, we turn left, the road condition look good.  I was thinking we must travel to wrong “short cut road “ by WaZE.  After awhile there were 2 motobikes pass by with passenger. They asked us whether we need a ride or not because still far, they will come back to pick us after sent the passenger.  We didn’t reject due to tired after the long walk.

we walked roughly another 10 minutes. The downhill road is killing us. Finally the 2 motobikes came. The driver gave his motobike to me and let me ride.

We rides motorbikes on the road is really feel adventure. From far i can saw the sea in front. Last part of the road is uphill road, very steep. The Motobikes shout “ GO GO GO !!! ” but I just stopped before the hill. I don’t know what after the hill, scare drop into the sea.

we passed the motobike back and they took us up.

Finally ! We Reached to the legendary destination.   Really Amazing Place!!  Breath breaking view !!!

Can hear the sounds of the wave, the wave are strong below the cliff, some are splashed from the bottom. I can feel the sea water. We put the problem a side try to enjoy the moment.

Strong Wind keep blowing blowing , until my hairs flying flying all the time.  Also there not much visitor, away from the crowd.

Here also got coffee shop, Is a nice place to sit down have a coffee and enjoy the peace. It is perfect if our car not stuck in the middle of the juggle. Haha

But most importantly, you should try the Gondola here. Need to warn that this is a dangerous and crazy activity.  You need to risk your life to ride it.

The Gondola not much in safety feature. Just traditional Gondola made by local people. No guarantee the safety. Bare your Own Risk.

Is unforgettable, I had took a long time for consideration before I make my mind to ride it.

Is cool to see the strong wave while passing through .

Pantai Tiamang

The horizon

Pantai Timang is the small island stand on the sea. There is nothing but danger. feel great to reached there. It face the Indian Ocean.  Beautiful sea horizon.

My friend not dare to take the rides initially. After I returned she only made her mind to ride. Far from here, must experience it. Is feel Great !


After the Tour, we drag our motorbikes driver to the place where our car stuck. See the condition of the road, it look like jungle.

They told us we were in the wrong road. Here only jeep coming in. So be aware a small road that Waze route, always take the main road.

Then we try climb uphill road that where we come. i Drove Slowly and the 2 drivers were pushing at the back. Slowly slowly climb like turtle. Luckily we able to make it , Pheww….. felt released.

we thanks and gave some tip for them. I was so happy to get the car out. An unforgotten experience. Next we heading to Gumuk Pasir.

Attraction: Gondola ride, less visitor, Strong Wind, Great view

  • Entrance fee : 5,000 IDR (Enter attraction area)
  • Moto ride: 30,000 IDR
  • Gondolar Drive : 200,000IDR
  • Distance from City : 75 km (2.5-3.0 Hrs Travel by Car)
  • Location: https://goo.gl/maps/k34uKUaKbeq


Gumuk Pasir


2.45pm Depart reach Gumuk pasir roughly 4.30pm .

Gumuk pasir also located near the sea site Is windy too. Gumuk pasir is a sand dunes , like a small desert. Is smaller than the white sand dunes in Mui ne , Vietnam . The sand here is more on grey colour.

Sand sand …all sand

The sand dune still able to see a lot of small plants

Here the place can took some nice photo. Saw 2 couples took their wedding photo here. One with horse !

The good thing is here got a lot setup for photo shooting.

I lost my hair band here, can’t find . Must be covered by the sand.

Try to lay down on the sand … just while, my skin full of sand . Really strong wind.

Sunset . Leave with sand ……

Attraction: Sand dune


Bale Roas

Friend recommendation . Nice atmosphere, and service. Food is nice also but the portion is small for me .

They have musical performance when we leaving.
I don’t know why we came here for meal still need to pay parking fee.

Parking fee: 5,000IDR



Bakso is Indonesian meat ball. Is similar to Chinese beef ball. Bakso can found everywhere in Jogja. Is a Very popular street food. We come to the famous restaurant Bakso Klenger Ratu Sari. Crowed of local people. We had tried the Giant bakso , because the normal bakso was finished.

Nice , is recommended .only cost us 40,000 IDR for bowl of bakso and 2drinks.

but aware that the road are ver narrow, and parking lot are opposite of the shop.

After that we bad to home stay clean away the sand . The go for beer again.

Can stop the beer during traveling .Just Enjoy ~~

continue tomorrow . ..



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