Borobudur Temple, Gunung Merapi, Kalibiru Park, Yogyakarta -Indonesia Travel Diary Day2 (08.09.16)

Borobudur Temple visiting hour is 0600-1700. In order to visit earlier , 5AM have departed from Homestay, took 1Hrs drive  reach at 6AM

Location :

I often like to visit a famous hot spot early morning to avoid the crowd, is easier to take nice photo.

We had bought the combined ticket. So we just cop and enter. We went through a garden. 10minutes walked to reach to Borobudur temple .

Wow ! Was stunned when I saw the temple from the far. Is huge ! Like a mountain. Like a pyramid structure .

Borobudur temple from the far

From here, we didn’t meet any staff that said compulsory to wear sarong in order to enter the temple. Mayb is too early.

We climbed to the top first to see the morning view.

Nice view !!! early morning the weather still cold, the layer of mist formed is beautiful .
Early morning on top of Borobudur

Borobudur is the largest Buddhist Monuments in the world. Catergoried as ancient wonder of Asia, equally famous as Angkor wat Cambodia, the great wall China, Taj Mahal India .

Borobudur temple been included in the UNESCO world heritage centre. The detail about Borobudur temple can read in the

Bell shape stupas Tower 

Bell shape structures are the Stupas tower. There are stupas inside the bell shape dome. Some of stupas without stupas or without stupas head, it had been stolen or destroyed. Some displayed in the Museum.

Also got 2 stupas without dome.

Lower tier, fine wall reliefs present  Buddha story . Was 7.00am in morning, the sun already very bright and shinning.

Gaint Turtle Rescuring 

The Giant Turtle was of the Buddha past life. The story said that there a group of merchants were sailing on the sea. A storm hit and ship destroyed. The merchants floating on the sea with the broken wood. The Giant Turtle saw and saved the merchants by letting them climb on his back.Gaint Turtle bought them to safe land. 

The Gaint Turtle took a nap because of too tired. When he woke , he heard the merchants are discussing whether want or not to eat him, because there is no food to find. 

the Gaint Turtle selflessly decided to stay and gave his life for their servival. 

Makara and the merchant ship- the relief show that the group of merchant attack by sea monster

Makara is a sea monster in Hindu Mythology . A creature with half animal and half aquatic tail. Something like the zodiac -Capricorn

The 3D visual relief .  Structure more close to black colour , unlike the temple in Angkor Wat close to yellow or red colour .

Actually if the cloud is not thick ,is able to see Gunung Merapi from here.

We had a rest at shield area Enjoy view. But sadly our snack left in the car. hungry~ ~ .  Is Because of us departed very early from homestay, we had bought something to eat in car as breakfast.

Lorry Ride to see Gunung Merapi in New Selo  

We had ahead schedule, so next we decided go to see Gunung merapi which 40km away without plan . Just try to drive toward with Waze to new Selo

The roads is unexpected bad condition, the small car (Toyota agia-1000cc) we had rented was not able to handle the road. Small Car not able to cross a broken ascending road.  

Hence, We had turned back and parked our car at nearby village housing area.  Then we try to ride on the car that pass by . Is look funny when we walked beside the road , and we Dono how long we need to walk .

But very fast we able to hop on a Lorry tat willing to take us. Along the ride , only know that the road condition is really bad. Broken road, steep ascending , Narrow road . This all required 4wheels drive. It took 45min to reach Selo village .

Stop while at Lorry driver ‘S house

 The bridge across the river 

Also some nice view 

Saw a lot of tobacco tree. The driver said here used to grow corn previously . After the people prefer have rice as main meal, corn become less demand . So they change to grow tobacco which more profitable.

The cloud was thick, can’t see the Gunung Merapi. The weather is cool. But we not able to stay long because we need to follow the driver back to the place we parked our car.

Took few photo and go .overall trip took 2hrs . Is better to take a tour package if plan to visit here.

Lunch Break

Drove back to Borobudur area. Simply stop at a restaurant and lunch. the time was 1.00pm, is still early. We had stay in this restaurant almost 2hrs . Rest and take a nap.

Cozy environment . With water flow sound. fishes in the water pond.

Traditional style, Sitting on the floor .

Kalibiru park

Kalibiru park located on a mountain .is a  highland. the  last 300m road to kalibiru park is very steep. Is hard for a auto gear car to drive up. There a warning signage mention must use gear no.1 and drive slowly up.
There also moto tranport operate there , hence, we took adventure motobike ride from there. 30,000IDR round trip.

A place the local attraction, most of visitor are local people. A lot of people were queue for the photo.  If you want to take photo , need to come earlier.

A famous place because of the senic view. Is very suitable for Instagram picture.

Each platform photo spot need to pay. 10,000-15,000IDR

Charcoal Coffee

At night we had tried the charcoal coffee, know as kopitiam Joss . At jalan wongsodirjan . There got few stalls for selection .

I am staring at the charcoal , and Ask this can eat ??? Haha

Some people said taste like caramel, but I didn’t feel that. I personal think that is not healthy to drink . Lol .

After that we go to had beer , and then rest . Next is Pantai Timang and Gumuk Pasir . ~~


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