Adventure in Indonesia – Yogyakarta -Travel Diary Day1 (07.09.16)

In order to save a day, we had morning flight 0945AM to Yogyakarta.  Reach before lunch time which is 1120AM.  Then we can get around for a day.

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Processed with Snapseed.
This is my travel backpack Deuter Futura 32Litre, I bought purpose for hiking, this the 1st time I bring it out for travel.  I hand carry it into airplane. Weight is around 8.6kg. I tried to packed it light, like backpacker style, more relax to carry around.

So I only packed in 6 sets of clothes, one cold jacket and other Personal care stuffs.  Plan laundry in the middle of the trip, then will have enough clothes to change.

2.5 hours flight, I had some chips and slept on the plane as usual. And I feel a bit nervous. Because I am worried I can’t find the public bus. Haha.

Take Public Transport to Malioboro Street

11.30AM touched down to Yogyakarta Airport , is a Sunny Day and hot weather same as Malaysia. We walked out from the arrival hall, a lot of people carried signage and name. Those are travel agent and taxi driver waiting for their clients.

We try to find for the sign board for the Trans Jogja Shelter bus. The Bus stop located opposite to the airport and need go through a underground tunnel to reach there. The way to tunnel is on the right after arrival hall. Along the walkway, right side are the shop lots and counters. please get a City map from information counter.

Take note Sign board on the left. Walk until you see the sign board. Go through the tunnel then can see the bus stop across the road.

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The bus stop look better than expected, have a nice shelter. We purchased ticket and waited inside. Have to inform staff that we want takes 1A Bus to Malioboro. The staff will call when the bus come.

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img_2809Route Map that on the wall of the bus stop

Air conditioning bus, feel chilled down after get into the bus. The bus took about 20min to the Malioboro Street. One staff will stand beside the entrance and announce destination at every stop.

So we know when need to drop off. But we used to use MAP.ME as Navigation too, so we know where we are.

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Dropped off at Maliobolio street, the we talk to the Hostel . we were at Sosrowijayan road, will see a lot of Becak along the road. Feel relaxing, Not busy on the road.


Check-in wake up homestay. have a rest . I have to said that this homestay. really not bad. Had comfortable sleep. Nice bed. Environment is clean. Opposite got one Bar restaurant, at night abit noisy, but not big deal. Positively thinking reach to bar just in 2 steps, if drunk , still able to get back to the bed.

Gudeg Yu Djum, the traditional Jogja Dishes

We are going to search Gudeg Yu Djum for lunch. Had googled Gudeg that has most reviewed. Then found a stall that located 2km from homestay, so we had walking tour to there.

We had reached to Gudeg Yu Djum, a small stall,simple and crude environment. We sit on the floor with fan ventilation. That time we the only customer. I guess this is  not a tourist restaurant. Seem very local. We doubted that we were in the right place. ~.~

But is never mind, we simply ordered 1 set as shown in picture. Taste nice, sweet taste. but the side dishes that in orange colour are spicy. After that only we found out that is cow skin!!

A Big bowl of Gudeg

The sweet taste is because of the jackfruit. The chicken used to stew with the jackfruit few days until the juice fully absorbed. That causes the chicken taste sweet. The texture of the meat also abit hard.

This is one of local food that must try. location as per link.

Meeting the  Prambanan Temple

We took Trans Jogja 1A route to Prambanan.  Drop off at Terminal Prambanan. Prambanan located opposite of the road. Walking distance about 0.8km. but we took becak ride that Cost 40,000IDR. But when return after tour , we just walked. Is near actually.

Purchased a combined ticket that include Prambanan and Borobudur temple which is cheaper than separate ticket.


Prambanan Temple also known as Candi Lorojonggrang.  Lorojonggrang was a beautiful princess. The legend said that there was powerful Prince want to marry her,  but she dislike about the marriage, so she raised a very hard  condition which is the prince has to build 1000 temples in a single night in order for her to accept the marriage. So The powerful Prince able to build 999 temples with his thousand man before the dawn. The princess was very panic and confused the rooter to crow and make dawn come earlier. The prince found out her cheating and get mad. He turn the princess into a temple to complete 1000 temples.

The temple is really high .

Base on the information from Wikipedia, the temple first build at 850CE which temple constructed earlier than Angkor Wat Temple.  Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple site in Indonesia, also one of biggest in Southeast Asia.  Compare to Angkor Wat compound, the area here is much smaller.

Unique bell structure.

Lord Ganesha- God of intellect  and wisdom

Sculpture illustrating the epic of Ramayana

After climbed up and down, took pictures…. we sit and rest, wait sunset to come.

Nice Sunset . finally had visited here after 1year plan. haha

Had dinner at Malioboro Street, we simply choose a food stall on the road side. Food is similar with Malay food.

A lot of people come and ask for donation.  Yeah, life is not easy. We should appreciate what we had. Also a lot that play guitar, sing . They play a nice song

Tasted Street food -Satey.

At night, also picked up rent car at hotel. Then we went to had gas refilled. The funny thing is We do not know what type of petro to be fill when we reached to the gas station.

Lastly we know that The petro there call PERTALITE and PERMIUM which is equivalent to PETRO in Malaysia . And SOLAR equivalent to DEISEL .

End of Day 1 ^^

To be continue



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