Travel To Country of Thousand Island , Indonesia – Yogyakarta-Bromo-Ijen-Bali (11 Days) 2016

Why I travel to Indonesia?

Recall back a year ago, I not really interested travel to Indonesia initially, until I discovered Borobudur Temple from a friend’s  FB Post. Then I done some research, found out Borobudur Temple is a famous  heritage site. It similar with Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Sukhothai Historical park in Thailand, Bagan in Myanmar. also discovered that Indonesia has a lot of beautiful natural sites that worth to visit.


Initial imagination. image took from internet . Getting more!!! And more places want to visit !!!

From the initial plan, only Komodo Island that not able to achieve. Komodo island also interesting that i super keen to visit. just left it for next time.

only able to get one Travel Buddy which is my colleagues, thanks to her had helped me took a lot of nice photos.




Traveled 867km  from west to the east. Get in from Yogyakarta and fly out from Bali.


Day 1:

  • Morning : Depart from KLIA2 to JOG airport, take Trans Jogja to Malioboro street.
  • Afternoon: Check-in Wakeup Hostel , Lunch at Gudeg Yu Djum,
  • Evening:  Prambanan Temple Sunset, Stroll Malioboro Street
  • Day 1 dairy


Day 2 :

  • Morning : Early Drive to Borobudur Temple, then Gunung  Merapi,
  • Afternoon: Lunch & Rest.
  • Evening: visit Kalibiru Park, Malioboro Street 
  • Day 2 Dairy


Day 3 :

  • Morning : Horse Carriage to Taman Sari
  • Afternoon: Visit Pantai Timang
  • Evening: Gumuk Pasir, Bar 
  • Day 3 Dairy 


Day4 :

  • Travel to Surabaya by Train,  Bus to Probolingo, Mini Bus to Cemoro Lawang. Stay Bromo Permai Hotel.
  • Day 4 Dairy 


Day 5:

  • Morning : Jeep ride to Penanjakan Sunrise View Point 
  • Afternoon &Evening : Hike Bromo Mount
  • Travel Dairy 5


Day 6:

  • Morning & Afternoon: check out and Travel to Sempol
  • Evening : rest at Arabica Guesthouse
  • Travel Dairy Day 6


Day 7:

  • Morning: MId night Hike Ijen Crater, sunrise 
  • Afternoon: Travel to Bali (Mini Bus Travel to Banyuwangi, Transit Big Bus to Mengwi Bus Terminal , then Taxi to Kuta , Check in Maya Village homestay)
  • Travel Dairy Day 7


Day 8:

  • Morning : Walk Legian Street, Beach Walk Mall,
  • Afternoon : lunch at chow Fat restaurent , Surfing At Kuta Beach.
  • Evening: Beach Walk Mall, pickup Rent Car
  • Travel Dairy Day 8


Day 9:

  • Morning : drive to Pura Lempuyang and HIke up to summit
  • Afternoon travel to Ubud, Bebek Bengil (dirty Duck),
  • Evening : Tanah Lot. Night Dinner at Legian Street.
  • Travel Dairy Day 9


Day 10:

  • Morning : Drive to Jatiluwih Rice terrace,
  • Afternoon: Lunch at Wahaha (pork rib) ,
  • Evening : Ulu Watu Temple. Dinner at Coffee Pot.
  • Travel Dairy Day 10 


Day 11:

  • Morning : Drive MotobIke search Babi Guling Stall. Shopping at Legian Street,
  • Afternoon : Beach Walk mall lunch , Taxi to Ngurah Rai International Airport , back Malaysia .



For me, I think the biggest challenge for me is the transportation. To save cost , we try to avoid the taxi and use public transport. we had tried most of the transportation and below are the transportation that we had used.

Yogyakarta Airport to Malioboro Street– Public transport (Trans Jogja) .

Trans Jogja is a bus rapid Transit system that operates in Yogyakarta City. It convenience to use this public transport if want to travel around within the City. The Bus got many different route. From Airport to Malioboro, You need to take 1A route.

The ticket counter available at every bus stop, just need to tell the staff which route you want to go or the destination.

Because of it convenience, we also took the bus to Prambanan Temple too.

Cost : 3500 IDR per way

Horse Carriage

Traditional cart pulled by horse.  Able to find a lot waiting around the Malioboro Street. The interesting is the horse carriage rides on the road with other vehicle. and can take some picture due to the unique decoration of the horse.

Can ride for an experience. Yeah, we had rided it from Malioboro  street  to  Taman Sari round trip and it cost us 100,000 IDR.


We found that Becak is everywhere in Jogja, during the trip often saw the drivers sleeping on their becak. Similar Becak that have in Melaka, Malaysia .

We used the Becak from the Prambanan bus terminal (end of 1A route) to Prambanan Temple entrance, approximately ~ 0.8km cost 40,000 IDR .

Driving in Yogyakarta  

Due to the distance of the attraction, we decided to rent a car too. Pro is the flexibility on our schedule and also more cost effective. Con is we not clear about the road condition, we had faced a lot of adventure on the road.

Rent Car in Yogyakarta  – Toyota Agya  48Hrs Without Driver – 600,000 IDR (Aman Amin Trans Yogya –

Gas/ Petro : can fill Pertalite or Premium .

Ps: Solar in Indonesia is equivalent to Diesel in Malaysia.

my opinion is get a Toyota Avanza instead of Toyota Agya. Road condition required higher Car.


Travel from Yogyakarta to Cemoro Lewang (Bromo) 


  1. First, get a train to Surabaya. – 5 Hours .

From station (Tugu Yogyakarta ) to Surabaya (Gubeng) – BISNIS class – 5 Hours, air-conditioning. Ticket need to book early through online, book earlier avoid full house.  Print out the tiket voucher from the email after purchased, it required for check in & Tiket redeem before go into departure hall.

Website for train Tiket

  1. Train station Surabaya Gubeng to Bus Terminal Purabaya – 1Hour

When come out from the station, there will a lot of travel agent and Taxi waiting for you. and Ask you where you want to go. Don’t mention your destination is Bromo if you don’t want to find a travel agent.  Just said No, Thanks and walk away. After that take taxi go to Terminal Purabaya.   Taxi cost me around 120,000IDR. More expensive Because we drive to had lunch before head to terminal. The traffic was bad, took nearly 1hrs with 15km distance.

  1. Terminal Purabaya to Terminal Bayuangga (Probolinggo) – 2Hours

After walk into bus terminal, can see a lot of bus and departure line, find signage that to Probolinggo.  The Bus departure every 15min. Wait at the departure line for next Bus. Pay the tiket when you on the bus, do not drop off if haven’t reach to Terminal Bayuangga, staff tend to ask you drop off at the travel agent if they know you want go to Bromo.

Cost : 30,000 IDR

  1. Terminal Bayuangga to Cemoro Lawang – 2 Hours

When reach to the terminal , walk out from the entrance, turn left to Jalan Raya Sukapura about 50m , you can see the green / blue mini Van.  Need to wait till full seat only depart.

1 mini Van can sit 14 people, 35,000 IDR per person.  The price may change base on the total of passengers.  Be aware that evening time is little hard to gather passenger.  That day we only able wait till 8people.


Travel to Cemoro Lawang (Bromo)  – Ijen – ketapang – Denpasar (Bali)


  1. Travel to Ijen is quite tough to use public transport , so I hand it over to tour package.

We Took a package from hotel Cemara Indah , it cost 800,000IDR per person , include ijen tour , entrance fee , Gas mask , accommodation at Arabica Homestay, transportation to Ketapang and ferry to Gilimanuk.

  1. Gilimanuk to Bus terminal Mengwi -3Hours

From Gilimanuk got bus to Denpasar , but drop off at Mengwi. But some of people been told that the bus travel until terminal Bus Ubung. But when reach to Mengwi, we all asked to drop off at mengwi terminal.

Cost : 150,000 IDR  Bus tiket bought from agent. Cheaper if get from station counter

  1. Bus Terminal Mengwi to Kuta

Lastly we took mini van taxi to kuta – cost 200,000 IDR

Driving in Bali

Road condition is better than Yogyakarta, but the road still very narrow. This time we rent a bigger car – Toyota Avanza. Smoother on the road.

We rent from ELITO Enjoy Bali tour at Jalan Mataram which introduced by Hotel Staff.

Rental cost : 48Hrs without Driver – 500,000 IDR

Driving MotoBike in Bali

Motobike is also very convenience vehicle use in Bali due to the heavy traffic. Able to see a lot tourist choose to drive motorbike.Be aware that need to wear long sleeve because the sun is very hot.

Rental cost : 24HRs – 60,000 IDR


  • Borobudur + Prambanan Temple : 416,000 IDR
  • Kalibiru Park : 5,000 IDR
  • Taman Sari : 15,000 IDR
  • Pantai Timang Area : 5,000 IDR
  • Gondola ride : 200,000 IDR
  • Gumuk Pasir : 5,000 IDR
  • Bromo Mount : 220,000 IDR
  • Ijen Tour : 800,000 IDR
  • Pura Lempuyang : 10,000 IDR salung rental + donation
  • Tanah Lot Temple : 30,000 IDR
  • Ulu Watu Temple : 30,000 IDR


Travel Dairy to be continue …


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