Mossy Forest – Gunung Irau – Cameron Highland (27.08.16)

It is very awesome to hike in chilled environment. Cool, fresh air and magnificent view.  .  Mossy Forest + Gunung Irau is one of it. The trail is full with greenish moss, green ….. and people always commented the trail like scenery of “ The Lord of The Ring”. Mysterious feel. Imagine that you are in the scene of lord of the Ring. Feel little adventure?

Mossy forest located on Cameron highland, the forest connected to Gunung Irau which is the highest mountain of Cameron highland with sea level high 2110 meter.  So our purpose also is to conquer the Gunung Irau.

The starting trail actually is from entrance of Mossy Forest at 2000 meter sea-level high. Summit is 2110 meter which 110 meter difference. But don’t underestimate this 110 meter. Is a very challenging 110 meter. The trail in “W” shape, which is need to hike up and down, not always an ascending trail. Furthermore the environment is very humid and wet. The mud is everywhere. Need be prepare for the mud, as specially prepare to dirty your new favorite shoe if any.

From the News , Mossy forest was closed by Pahang Forestry Department  for half year since end of 2015 till middle of 2016. Because of too many visitor cause the place full of rubbish and moss are getting dead.  Need some time to recover and clean up people shit.

Since last year 2015, the year we start hike, we are planning to explore Mossy forest, it closed as mentioned.  After one year- today 2016, we only able visit here after the Forest re-open for visitor . This time we need apply permit through mail to Forestry department 2 weeks before hike. It became more control.


Before to Mossy forest

  • Apply permit through mail
  • Need to report police at Balai Polis Brinchang
  • Be ready for the mud



  • 0700- Depart from apartment
  • 0730- Report Police
  • 0800- Reach Mossy forest entrance and start Hiking
  • 1130- Mini Irau
  • 1300 – Irau Summit
  • 1500- back to car park.

Hike up : 5hrs 

Hike down : 2hrs 


Way to Mossy Forest :


If you coming from Brinchang Town, after the butterfly farm on the right. Please take note on the narrow entrance on the left from the main road. The entrance got clear signature to BOh Tea Sungai Palas. The entrance also opposite to the Nova Highlands Resort.  The entrance is an ascending road. Drive carefully and slowly. The road is narrow and allow only one car pass through. Every time reach to the corner turning, need to give horn signal to aware the car from opposite. Every time drive into this road, feel the heart bit is faster. Because is quite dangerous. But, the view is magnificent with the tea plant, we like drive round the plantation area. Feel very fresh with green natural view.

About 2 km , will reach to the junction to Gunung  Irau , also on the left with signage. After the signage, need drive another 4 km to the Mossy Forrest entrance.

The roads still narrow, but still able to go through by My MyVI.  And also some broken drain to be careful.

Until reach to the Mossy Forest entrance just visible on the right.

Here we are at the entrance, park the car in front. The parking area able to park about 10-15 Cars.



Hike Up

We Start hike at 8.00 AM . Lets GO !

there have proper boardwalk at the beginning of the trial . this segment is more tourist to visit mossy forest. Little foggy 

After the bridge walk there start full of mud, and green moss.

A lot of mud . 

Becareful , have team member already stepped his shoe into mud . 
We Need some adventure, so got tree , we Climb!  Got pond, we jump!


We were very excited and took A lot of photo .  I had visit to Cameron highland N time , but never knew this place until I get involved in hiking activities. once love to hike, you will search list mountain to conquer.

 There got 4 people or 5people in above picture ? 

Feel like in the mysterious world. 

Mini Irau, took 3.5hrs.   we had our lunch here .


Go for summit!

Beautiful plant 

Some interesting stuffs 

  Hike little father in front . One area before the peak , most beautiful segment . 

The view is really nice . 

Last, we come to the peak .  a lot of people , without no shield, is little hot. Saw Malaysia flag. 


Picture of conquered Gunung Irau 2110 meter . 

Shoes and hands full of mud

After a rest on peak . We are going down ,the day seem foggy, look like want to rain.


With full speed , I use1.5hrs  to rush down to the car park. Saw a lot of cars . I am too early , then Rest and wait for other in Car.

Overall the trail is not very tough . Medium level . Special environment. Quite satisfying . 


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