The Night We Camped on Broga hill (1.7.16)

A usual dinner with colleagues, we had excited talk on the camping suddenly. With a fast decision, we were on for it. Broga was selected as our camping site. We were very high and excited for the camping activities. We had prepared the tent and of course some food through the week. Feel a little bit crazy with crazy friends.  Sometime need to be crazy while we still can, when we still young.

I went the Broga Hill several times. But what I felt special is camping on the Broga which i haven’t experience.  Broga is known as a beginner hill. Is a easy hike with very nice view.  It good to activated the desire of hiking.


Broga Hill Located in Semenyih, is 51 kM away from Klang. Conveniently  drive there using Waze:



  • 2100 – depart from klang
  • 2215 – Arrived to the palm oil estate car park area & begin to hike
  • 2300 – Reach 1st peak & 2nd peak , tent setup
  • 0000 – late supper party
  • 0100 – rest & staring star
  • 0630 – woke up breakfast
  • 0800 – toward to next peak
  • 0900 – Peak
  • 1000 – Return to car park


Thing to prepare for Camping

  • Camping Tent x 2
  • Gas x 2
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Kette x1
  • Aluminum pan
  • Fork & Spoon
  • Paper Cup
  • Obor-Obur (fire torch)
  • Diesel
  • Tissue roll
  • Plastic bag
  • Maggie 2 packets
  • Eggs 1 tray
  • 3 in 1 coffee & Milo
  • Small knife
  • Meat Can Product
  • Fruit
  • Drinking water & water for cooking & Washing 1.5L x 3
  • Matches
  • Insect repellent
  • Headlamp with extra batteries
  • Plastic sheet


Hike up

We reached to the palm oil estate car park about 10 pm,the car park still open, but there no any guide. so we just drive in and park the car. (parking fee collected in the next morning RM 3)

noticed only one car parked there. Dark and no any lighting. we are depend on the headlamp to hike. carried our camping stuffs start to hike. no doubt is more heavier than normal hike. no worry also , the trail also very clear with signage.

Even at night , I still sweat a lot during the hike. But very fast , we reached to the 1st peak. i guess is the result of one year regular hiking activities, we had increased our stamina.

The weather is windy. is awesome to fill the wind. Once we reach to the 1st peak already got one tent was camping there.  Will be very cold if camp here because is windy. Beside that the traffics expected busy in morning on next day.

We moved forward to the second peak, found a flat area which suitable to camp. the area surrounded by the grass. So is not cold. Then we started to set up the tent. This is my 1st experience to set up camping tent. Is not difficult actually . Easy set up with guide from friend.

After that we took out the tool and food. ready for party !

Preparing the food , trying to light the fire . I in charge to give the lighting .


Feel cool . I cook my favorite Tomyam Maggie Mee with cheese sausage. Add an egg , Very nice combination! Spicy and Sweating.

Is fun to have food on the hill with branch of friends. and is often feel satisfied to fill the stomach after hiked. That why people said hike more fat more .because always eat a lot after hike.

is close to 12 am that we had our late supper. After that is time to rest. 3 of my members were slept outside on the plastic sheet with sleeping bag. That is cold .

but I like to sleep in the tent, enclosed small space like a capsule. I lay down with head facing to entrance and staring to the sky. There a lot of stars on that night. Is beautiful star night but regret i can’t captured with my phone.

At the mid night , 2-3am already have people keep hike up here. Because feel a lot of noice, people pass. No doubt here is the hill with lot of visitors.

Broga Sunrise

In the Morning, This the place we camped . Plan to wake up late, but woke up early. Because  Had Hot Milo prepared by friend . So nice . Now is waiting for the sunrise.


Also need find place to pee, because no toilet up here. Just find covered place to settle. , the lalang grass were shaking due to the wind . Saw a lot off people ?

The sunrise , a lot of hiker will start to hike before the sunrise to meet the sunrise .


Lovely sunshine . Photo took on my request . Everyone is facing the sun . Hard to open the eye .haha

After the sunrise , the sky is bright , weather getting hot. we packed our stuff ans continue to hike to higher peak.

Here we rest, sit and relax, lay down, listen to few songs. enjoy the view in front .


Broga Hill is the first hill i hike, is already many years ago, remember that that time i just wore a normal running shoes, t-shirt,short pant, hiked with free hand without any bag pack. just need some water. can be casual actually.

Reaching to the peak, not much people yet . if late , here will jam the will become line up to top.

reached to the peak 1312 ft .

Something fun with the shadow , also took funny video.


Time to going down .The signature view of the Broga .the hill covered by lalang without tall tree that cover the view.

Don’t know when got this chair.

Going down, also is the time a lot people hiking up.

as usual , will have the coconut drink after reach the entrance of the trial. Rest and depart for food ! again food !


End .


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